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Patchfix from 15.02.2016

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  • Patchfix from 15.02.2016

    Dear players!

    Since the previous update the game had some changes with weapon mechanics, which caused a wave of misunderstanding and criticism from players.
    Today we would like to tell you in detail, how the system works and what has changed in the game since its introduction.

    First of all it is necessary to point out the "Resiliency" as an indicator of inherent in each subject of the "weapon" class. This indicator directly sets the base rate that will be used for calculating the chance of malfunction.

    Another worth noting that the change has affected the system and at what stage appears the possibility of a problem. Previously, this value has been below 70% of the current state of the object, but now - there is a chance on the entire state of the scale length. Moreover, with the fall of the state percent the chance of failure increases, further reinforced by the number of repairs that are now a very important indicator of the deterioration of specific weapons.

    The main feature of the system - is a necessity to keep the weapon close to 0 repairs. This is achieved through the restoration of weapons with the help of the drawings. Others ways of recovery are alternatives and give some freedom, however, the more the counter of repairs, the more this system will resist it, namely - to increase the chance of the problem and increase the price of the service object.
    With this update the artificial limiting the chances of the jamming will be added, however, do not rely on it, it is there to sift through too high values. The chance occurrence of the jamming increases after the meter of repairs.

    Also in this update the changes will affect the issue of the economic recovery equipment, as well as the content and experience which you get for the activity.
    Repair kits were adjusted, their features will be announced further on the list of changes.

    We hope that this description has helped you to understand the operation of the system. If you still have questions, ask it on our forum or contact technical support for additional explanations.
    • the work of calculations chance for seizing weapons was adjusted. Limits which increasing with the number of repairs was added, however, it will sift through large values ;
    • Reduced the chance of jamming at a high number of wear outs, but it still high enough;
    • the name of fault tolerance was changed from "not killed" to "very high" in order to better match the behavior. The game still has items with the same name and it do have a chance of failure of 0% in any case, except for the zero resistance object;
    • Perks "Repair of simple things" and "Repair of difficult things" were offset by 10 skill points.
    • the description of the perks that increase perception and agility was changed, namely - clarification that it affects the repair skill was added;
    • the visual display of information about the subject of the state was changed. Now the object will not reduce the maximum strength in the information window, maximum strength will remain the reference in the repair of items from NPC repairers (armourer, techniques, etc.), the recovery will look like repairs to 95, 89, 83 and similar percentage rather than reduce the number of maximum strength, as previously;
    • Price for weapons repair from NPC was reduced. On average - in twice, in some cases - a little, and in the other - is reduced by 6-8 times;
    • the content of Drawing Recovery weapons and clothing was changed;
    • the "levels" for weapons and equipment was changed;
    • Repair kit was disabled and their functions are no longer performs, however, if you will take it apart, you can get new items for the care of weapon;
    • The mechanics for a new set of gear care was changed. Now it is unstable and depends on pumping, character features and the like, the amount of recoverable strength. Moreover, the addition of the number of repairs is not always dependent on the various skills and options, and the most successful players in the process of such recovery can not only add the number of repairs, but also to reduce it;
    • At this time in the game is only available a care set for firearms and knives;
    • Increased the amount of experience, resulting in the reduction and modification of clothing;
    • Increased the resulting experience from the weapons repair and repair kits;
    • Increased the experience obtained in the reduction of weapons.

    • the cost for pistols PM, TT and Colt 1911 their drawings and parts for restoration was increased.
    • the list of sights for dovetail was expanded;
    • reduced requirements for the exchange of all M2 costumes belonging to clans and "Single" costume.
    • further attacks of jelly now has a delay
    • jellies longer help each other when someone is dealing damage
    • the set of habits for pistols and submachine guns was adjusted.
    • changed the description of the perk enhancing perception - namely, the added refinement that increases not the drop rate of items , but the chances of loss in the case of subjects of revival;
    • improved smooth shifting of the weather
    • minor corrections on the maps
    • interface bugs was fixed
    • possible problems with repairing worn armor was fixed
    • fixed a bug which caused incorrect work of medicine skill.

    Points of revival in some villages in the Zone for stalkers in a state of "war" with the appropriate faction was turned off. List of this locations: Village The "White" ( "White Brotherhood"), Swamp house (Bandits), "Ryabinushka" (Stalkers), "Aegis" Camp (Military), Science Laboratory (Mercenaries). In the village of White guards are now patrolling the area and meeting with them can be avoided. In the final at Ryabinushka guard did not shoot, but being in a state of war with stalkers, you can not get the point of regeneration.
    • all tasks where repair kits were required or had old ones the requirements and the award has been changed;
    • all competitions now work as intended;
    • part of postholiday hidden quests was turned on.