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Patchfix from 27.04.2017

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  • Patchfix from 27.04.2017


    • Quests "Save Acid", "Blade Runner" and other similar quests was fixed (NPCs appearing on the job could behave inadequately);
    • Quest "Greenpeace approves" and other similar quests was fixed: earlier items of quests (for example, a microcomputer) could disappear during execution (it may be necessary to cancel the tasks and take them again for correct work);
    • Quests "Potential Enemy", "Lost Cargo" and other similar quests was fixed: quests were not updated when equipping the binoculars;
    • The awards for the holiday May quests are slightly increased;
    • The logic of the dialogs of Spit the Pusher was changed;
    • Increased a combat experience for the killing of quest-NPC-mercenaries;
    • Fixed the description of the quest "Help Sanya the Old Coon".

    • Effectiveness of stimulants was increased (half and full);
    • Reduced the effectiveness of the skill "Medicine" and perk "Good Doctor";
    • Changed the speed of use of first aid kits and injectors (including stimulants);
    • The descriptions of the first-aid kits have been changed (in accordance with the current values ​​of receiving treatment from their use);
    • The badge for the Super First-aid kit has been changed: previously it was indistinguishable from an automotive first-aid kit;
    General changes

    • Added a small damage after receiving the stun effect;
    • A possible lack of display of objects in the backpack window was fixed;
    • Some bugs in the Paukan cave was fixed;
    • Water was added on the ground;
    • Particle systems of fog and fire was optimized;
    • Walls at the entrance was fixed;
    • Display of PvP statistics window was fixed;
    • The calculation of the proportion of written-off karma for killing mutants by several characters was fixed;
    • NPCs that continued to fire after death was fixed;
    • Possible problems of centering and displaying labels in the interface during bounty hunts was fixed.

  • #2
    Good patch it gave some balance. Can you tell me is there something more to do than "got lost" quest from Litovski? anything more according to the "trial of the stalker" ?