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Patch from June 29, 2017

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  • Patch from June 29, 2017


    Failed quests
    • An additional tab "Failed" has appeared in the quest log ;
    • Failed quest can not be canceled now. If the quest is one-off, you can only re-take it after 12 hours;
    • The failure of the task can now bear fines to reputation and experience, but the presence of a premium reduces this fines;
    • Rewards for quests that can be failed has been raised (mainly - experience and reputation);
    Quests with scenario NPCs
    • The principle of quest's work associated with the appereance and murder of a NPC has been changed, for example, "Save Sour". Some of it is now counted for all participants, regardless of who caused the appearance of the NPC, others - only one player, failing at the other. Often, an additional reward will be given for the self-elimination of the NPC;
    • Now stray (appearing by quests) NPCs can run, shoot off animals and mutants, conduct dialogues and give tasks (but, of course, not everyone will do it)
    • The route of the NPC in some quests has changed ("Saving the Sour", some tasks of the scavenger);
    • On the Lyubech Neighborhoods and Vesuvius, players will occasionally meet roving NPCs (hurrying up along the road) and, depending on their behavior, receive various quests from them, raise or worsen their reputation;
    • Fixed the instant disappearance of NPCs bodies that was killed on quests;
    Other changes
    • The amount of spiders' paws, Blyak claws and dog heads required by quests was revised due to changes in the chance of their extraction;
    • Now near the distant campfires, players can occasionally meet the Supplier, who buys up parts of the mutants;
    • The quest "Theory of the origin of life" can be taken repeatedly; The reward for it was reduced; Added additional conditions for the capture (the passage of some quests in the Tunguska area);
    • The possibility to obtain information from Lithuania on the quest "Trial over a stalker" was added, if it was not received during the passage of the relevant tasks earlier;
    • The reward for the quest "Dissonance: Silentium est aurum" has been changed;
    • The principle of the quest "Duty for 24 hours" has been changed, the reward has been increased;
    • The logic of Courier's dialogues on the "Third Party" quest line has been changed;
    • Fixed a bug due to which the former stalker did not give quest to all players;
    • The task "wheel conscience" can be taken repeatedly after cancellation; The huntsman now does not forget the player and does not lose the thread of what is happening. For example, he remembers that he did not want to lead it to the Caravan;
    • Now you can fly from New Earth cheaper if you have a note from the dispatcher, without passing her task;
    • May holidays has been removed;
    • Fixed the update of the reputation of bandits in the performance of the quest "Home": a restart of the game was required before;
    • The quest "Radiochip" is now automatically canceled after the player will pass "Intervention" quest, because Its implementation loses its meaning
    • Fixed the possible disappearance of some dialogues in Batya when submitting a quets;
    • Fixed the absence of the names of guards, instead of which was the inscription — NPC;
    • Terms of dialogs are updated when they are changed. For example, earlier while passing artifacts, it was possible that the dialogs were available, and the artifacts were already "stalled";
    • Сonditions for the failure of the quest "Bearer word" was changed;
    • Fixed multiple performance for the quests "Care for fauna" ;
    • Getting batteries in the quest of Tyomych was fixed;
    • In the description of the task "To hell and back" added clarifications, helping to understand what needs to be done;

    Categories of items
    • All items now belongs to one or another category (this parameter can be viewed in the object information window);
    • The attitude towards players of this kind of NPC as the Khabar Buyer has changed. Now NPCs engaged in such activities will not necessarily offer the best prices for any finds;
    • The principle of buying items by NPCs has changed. Now NPCs are more interested in products related to their activities. Moreover, for some products, a NPC may not have any interest at all;
    • Minor changes in the interface of the trade: now when you sell items, you will see how interesting this product is to the merchant and how much money he specifically offers for it.
    Other changes
    • A new thematic gold bag was added into the game — "Defective container for artifacts"! In addition to weapon boxes and medical kits you will have a chance to get the desired artifacts. "Defective container for artifacts" has collected the entire collection of artifacts of the Zone. In addition to the artifacts, you will be able to get parts of the container itself.
    • One of the weapon boxes (with AK107, AK74M) was removed;
    • The procedure for imposing the effect of treatment is changed: the application occurs after the end of the application band, and not before as it was before;
    • The weight of the "super-kit" was increased from 0.3 to 1.5 kg;
    • Prices for the purchase of certain items of technical and chemical sections by NPCs have been significantly increased;
    • The number of fragments obtained from grenades has changed, depending on the distance: previously, most of the fragments were in a small radius around the explosion, now the distribution between the targets will be more uniform;
    • The number of required components required to create a large container of artifacts has been changed;
    • Fixed the possibility to receive expired new artifacts: the problem was related to the time outage on the player's side (the time and date were incorrectly set);
    • Corrected the message about the money after the sale: now the receipt occurs through the sending;
    • "Royal Spider's Paw" was renamed the "Big Spider's Paw";
    • The opportunity to drink from an empty jar "The Survival Kit of the Airborne Forces" is removed;
    • The description and the names of components of grenades F-1, RGD-5, RGO and RGN are corrected;

    Bulletin Board
    • The interface of the Bulletin board in the sales section allowing you to easily find the types of objects you need has changed (by category);
    • Added additional search capabilities: sorting by the storekeeper, the number of repairs, strength or remaining life of the item;
    • Added a tooltip for hovering on the item showing the strength and number of repairs;
    • Added ability to fix and remove the filter panel;
    • Added the ability to view information on the subject in the list using RMC;
    • Purchase of the item is possible by clicking on the entire line;
    • The reset of the page number after the purchase of the item on the Bulletin Board is removed;
    • Added self-updating of the list of goods after their purchase;
    • Sorting of items by its name was fixed;
    • Fixed layout issues and display of ad list lines;
    • Added saving of the current bookmark after exiting the Bulletin Board window;
    Other changes
    • Updated mapping of the direction of damage from the source, which deals it with the character with the help of traces of blood on the screen;
    • Added a new tab in the quest's log for displaying "failed" quests;
    • The content of filters in the inventory / stock / exchange has changed;
    • Disable saving of displaying or hiding objects after restarting the game: earlier this resulted in errors due to the fact that objects could not be displayed if one of the filters was turned off, which forced to turn the filters on and off again or delete the user settings files in the game folder;
    • Fixed recalculation of avatar indicators after skill reset / ichangedmymind;
    • Added a setting for the map window resizing;
    • Fixed processing of resending invitations to the squad: previously the invitation could hang and not be processed even after the restart in the game, it took the characters to escape for more than 30 seconds;
    • Fixed a possible hanging of the password input window for accessing the PvP room after exiting it;
    • Fixed possible crashes of the game when connected to a closed PvP room;
    • Fixed possible crashes when closing the selection window of the closed PvP room;
    • Fixed the lack of display of dropped karma for killing mutants, if the amount exceeds the current value;
    • Added the ability to change the game settings before entering the player's credentials;
    • Fixed the absence of a background during the creation of the first character;
    • Small changes are made to the hints that appear during the game loading;
    • Removed superfluous hotkey settings for the "sit" action, you can make the avatar to sit down from the gesture window;
    • Improved interface behavior for group's members who do not have the right to edit group's authorizations;
    • Fixed display of bookmarks in the store of the NPC, previously displayed the wrong product after the restart;
    • Fixed a lack of change of the minimap when moving to the "Dungeon" map;
    • Fixed a display of errors during repositioning of items, using a warehouse, backpack and extraction window;
    • The appearance near the "Gourmet" has changed;
    • Bulletin board has changed its location in the New Earth;
    • The safe zone near Vitek on New Earth no longer gives the point of respawn;
    • The safe zone near Conductor (next to which the storekeeper was previously standing) on ​​New Earth is no longer a point of respawn;
    • The range of visibility of anomalies is limited;
    • Fixed the possibility to climb on the rocks and beyond the map near the place "Explorer";
    • Fixed burning a campfire near other living creatures (for example, mutants);
    • The possibility to put a campfire under the ceiling of closed rooms is fixed;
    • Fixed the found defects in the still models on the map;
    • Fixed the lack of the effect of "strangulation" under the water on one of the reservoirs;
    • Changed the set of items and their chance of mining from some mutants;
    • The cave of Paukan was updated.

    Now they are more active in reacting to how the players behave in the Zone, and are more aggressive in defending the interests of the factions they represent. This applies to all NPCs, but most clearly these changes will affect the actions of guards.
    • NPCs will shoot at violators of order (in PvP state);
    • NPCs remove weapons, if it should not be while they rest ;
    • Fixed animations of guards with a secondary weapon (pistol);
    • Fixed the display of the names of some NPCs;
    • Characters on the Airport map located in the airport buildings now belong to the faction of stalkers, not military ones;
    • The guards at the airport on New Earth now belongs to the Stalkers faction;
    • Seryoga Chelnok moved inside the building, the hubar buyer also moved to him, to the same building;
    • The storekeeper on New Earth and his guard moved to the local airport;
    • The habitat of the technician in Lyubech has changed;
    • The hubar buyer was removed from the basis of bandits on the swamp ; His function is now performed by another NPC;
    • In the village of Belykh a technician was removed, part of his assortment is now owned by another NPC;
    • From the map "Station" was removed the NPC Apprentice;
    • The guard at the entrance to the technician, who lives in one of the entrances of Lyubech, was removed;
    • Fixed possible crashes of the game client during a grenade throw;
    • Fixed freezing of the character's movements when using medicines while lifting the object;
    • Fixed receiving damage from NPC during boot;
    Other changes
    • Fixed impossibility to cancel the "drink" action, for example, from "Jar";
    • Fixed the speed of lifting objects from the ground by "raising everything" action;
    • Fixed the possibility of raising the character with the first-aid kit before he was shot and fell to the ground;
    • Fixed the possibility of being in a safe zone without the effect of a "safe zone";
    • Fixed a possible hang of two-handed weapons in one hand while using items;
    • Fixed the visibility of the weapon while using the sight;
    • Fixed a freeze of binoculars in hands after using items;
    • Fixed updating of the character and weapon type in the selection window after changes in the game;
    • Fixed The lighting of own character by flashlight when aiming;
    • Fixed hang of throwing animation when using binoculars;
    • Fixed the possibility of drinking from the column further the laid.
    As mentioned earlier, this update will be very large in size. This is due to a technical need: the format for storing game resources has changed. And that's why you need to update the laucnher with the whole game agan. Thank you for understanding.
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    Thank You for reporting the Litovsky bug, the quest for motojacket works for me now. We got some issues regarding butchering, when i got shot while doing it my avatar was blocked and i could not do anything.