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Patchfix from July 4th, 2017

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  • Patchfix from July 4th, 2017


    • Reduced the number of medallions of sighted guides required by quests;
    • Fixed the impossibility of taking some quests;
    • Fixed the inability of some players to complete a number of Litovski quests ("Reports for Litovski");
    • Fixed the inability of some players to talk to Sgt. Burnt on the quest "Who is Still"?"
    • Shtaket does not ignore the player's desire to speak to him under certain circumstances;
    • Fixed the work of some quests associated with the emerging NPC;
    • Some of the quests previously associated with Huckster in the House on the swamps are now connected with the Sly;
    • Captain Shperling once again became one of the organizers of the competition "Trial of Hunter";
    • There are no longer any unintended wandering NPC-bandits on Lyubech;
    • Added several small quests that appear from time to time;
    • Added English localization for new quests and dialogues;

    • The Benelli M4 gun (M1014) lost the ability to fire automatically, but its cycle rate increased to 500 rounds per minute;
    • The degree of divergence of the sight in smoothbore guns (2-3 times) is increased for: Mossberg 500, Jackhammer, SPAS-12, M1014, Saiga-12K;
    • The value of the divergence of the sight after the shot on pistols was increased;
    • Speed of information sights on pistols was increased;
    • Drawing recovery of bulletproof TASH M2 is no longer issued as a reward for the quest;
    • Prices for some equipment and restoration drawings has been changed;
    • Fireworks, Bengal fire and other items will now be correctly placed only after the end of the action
    • Changed the names of positions for the exchange of ammunition in a NPC (for example, "x7" now is "x630", etc.);
    • Fixed the inability to sell any items to a new NPC Vendor;
    • Changed the stunning radius imposed by grenades: the stunning radius no longer exceeds 10 meters, as, for example, with the RGO.

    • The order of cancellation of the performed actions is changed: the window closes first, then the action is canceled;
    • Fixed characters stucks after undoing / searching mutants;
    • Fixed display of hunting targets in the "Wanted" window;
    • Fixed the audibility range of some weapon recharge sounds;
    • Dudnik is no longer shoots all rats within sight range.