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Patchfix from October 25, 2017

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  • Patchfix from October 25, 2017

    • The conditions for receiving the award on the quest "Big Hunt" have been changed;
    • The weight of some items according to quests was changed (it marked in the inventory in red): previously the weight of some items could be missing or calculated incorrectly (for example, the weight of the ropes);
    • Handling of events in dialogues was fixed: earlier when the ESC key was pressed during the dialogue, some events might not work (for example, navigating through Explorer to another location);
    • Display of hemp in the quest "One Good Turn Deserves Another" was fixed: previously it was invisible to players;
    • Some validation of Courier dialogs was fixed;
    • Some dialogues of the Shtaket, in particular, an error with the submission of the quest "I fell on the pastern" was fixed;
    • Dialogue of Mokrukh was fixed: now he does not ask to give him a share of the debt to which the player had no relation;
    • Fixed some Corkscrew dialogues.
    • A new TGP-A silencer has been added: now only this silencers can be installed on AK 5.45 series automatons;
    • Added exchange of GEMTECH for TGP-A;
    • Fixed the possibility of taking up arms using accelerated running (sprint)
    • Added a characteristic click of the automatics during the shooting when using mufflers;
    • The audibility of gunshot shot sound at a great distance was changed;
    • The attenuation of the loudness of the shots at a distance from the sound source has been changed: now the attenuation depends on the volume of the original sound;
    • The sound of some types of weapons was changed;
    • The presence of clicks at the end of some sounds of shots was fixed.
    • The ability to talk to moving NPCs shortly before their disappearance is limited now: 2 minutes before they will leave they will warn a player that they will not start a conversation;
    • The exchange with the Laboratory Assistant in the Neighborhood of Lyubech was removed;
    • A break in the passage in the caves Paukana before entering the first cave hall was fixed (blue wall);
    • Fixed a big cluster of Verliocks in the marshes of Vesuvius.

  • #2
    Finally silencers seems to do their job, not only visuals. Give new video with new character please