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Patch from December 14, 2017

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  • Patch from December 14, 2017

    Good day, stalkers!

    The long-awaited New Year's location, "N"-Town, is already in the game!

    As before, you can get to "N"-Town using New Year's Stalker on New Earth. In addition to gifts and festive treats, some attentive players will be able to stumble upon hidden events and unexpected opponents.

    This year the festive city will turn into a place with a unique event - a contest of fisticuffs and fights with snowballs! Any interested stalker will be able to take part in such an event: for this he will need to talk to Santa Claus in "N"-Town. However, you must pay attention to the fact that competitions are held only on a specially schedule! And be careful, at the entrance to the Arena all your positive effects will be disabled. The winner will be the stalker, who will score the most points.

    Full information https://en.stalker.so/news/?n=191