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EKB Client link? Anyone?

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  • EKB Client link? Anyone?

    Looking around the Russian forum, website, client, game.... I can't seem to find anything about the EKB or how to join it.
    I would like the chance to see what's changed since I paid to access the test server, and now it is closed....
    Some basic posts - at all - about how and where to join it must exist but I can't seem to find them, post them here pleased in case any others are as stumped as I am.

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    Ah, cool, can't edit my own post god forbid it's 2018 or something.
    *Post them here please.
    ah, humiliation, the substance of life.


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      http://stalker.so/download you can choose http or BT.


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        Сообщение от d214315 Посмотреть сообщение
        http://stalker.so/download you can choose http or BT.
        Think you are being funny there bud?
        Think you have some kind of a joke?

        Did it cross your mind that I actually know what I'm talking about, that I've played this game for months, that I HAVE the "Launcher" and Game Installed and that I CHECKED...
        Maybe it was you who didn't READ. I am talking about the EKB server and how to ACCESS IT.
        AKA the Early Access "2k Gold Please" TEST SERVER
        Ya know, theone with the TECHNICALLY SUPERIOR VERSION OF THE GAME ON IT.

        Rarely have I ever checked a thread I wrote months back and become so instantly infuriated. Of Course I have downloaded the game, I even checked again just for you....
        My options are: MSK, and SPB
        You owe me a better answer that this tripe you spouted off. READ the question next time please.


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          I admit I must have missed a little something last time I was here.

          It took only one glance at the Russian FAQ post, at the most recent page to find a link to a news article where this link is given.
          "The client for access to the EKB server is available at this link: http://update-np-release.stalker.so/launcher/SO_installer.exe"

          PLEASE NOTE:
          Yes, the link is directly to a download, and the launcher is named almost the same thing as the one we have now.
          CAUTION: The Version of direct X that installs itself has an Optional "Bing Bar" ... I highly recommend you avoid this kind of trash lumped in to your installations.
          Deselect the Bing Bar Install option before you proceed.

          I just want to quickly say to D that I apologize for coming off rough, in the strange probability that Language was the issue here. I understand quite a lot of Russian and EKB is pretty specific even for them, so IF language was indeed the problem here - I don't know how.
          Anyway. Problem solved. See you in the Zone, Stalkers.


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            So it seems that this link was somehow bastardized by the forum here...
            Just copy paste the one from the quote into your address bar and hit 'enter' ... Accept the launcher download and roll into it like you are downloading SO again.