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All the expensive equipment

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  • All the expensive equipment

    Whenever I play , I see players with high-grade equipment , such as assault rifles and body armors

    NPC traders only sell basic pistols or submachine guns and for horrible prices , and when I look on the bulletin board , these things cost a lot of money , so , where are they gettings these , or how do they make so much money to pay for them ?

    Thanks in advance

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    Most of them earned it by playing for a long time. Economy was different before the new updates and it was generally easier to farm for artifacts or get money. When you are in clan and if your clan owns a base you can buy weapons from the base. Also the npcs at starting locations such as Liubetch and outskirts do not have a big arsenal of weapons to sell, the more high end gear traders at further locations sell those assault rifles/ armors.
    So in short either they played for a long time/ Got their stuff from joining a clan. Or they bought it with premium money.