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Looking for English speaking players to form a clan

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  • Looking for English speaking players to form a clan

    Got a few players already, looking for some more.

    Currently we are thinking of going as a bandit clan, killing for our money, however we're open to other suggestions.

    Drop a message if you're interested.

    You can also contact me on steam : Kristian378

    Noob or pro friendly, we're more or less looking to create a community.

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    Bandit clan? forget it, this game isn't about PVP anymore, it's entirely focused on PVE and the developers are too dumb and arrogant to realize it. This game used to be about PVP years ago, now it's all about roleplaying. They half assed their pvp system, being a bandit is no longer fun after they introduced a very lame karma system. I used to farm players like pinatas as they dropped a bunch of artefacts, which they spent hours farming, I didn't need to do anything other than farm other players. Now killing people is expensive (ammo and gun repair) and yields very little profit (some ammo, maybe medkits they drop..) Developers don't even see the issue of their broken war declaration system. Basically if you start a war with someone, they can instantly declare peace on your clan. So you need their permission to go to war. The game is run by roleplayers who lack any concept of what could have made this game fun. They also delete posts when people bring this to their attention, they don't care.