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The "Victory Day" dedicated events.

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  • The "Victory Day" dedicated events.

    Stalkers, in honor of the Victory Day, we have prepared a little adventure for you! So hurry up to get positive energy and improve your battle skills this weekend!

    - From 8th of May 2015 until 10th of May 2015: for every single payment above 500 rubles you will get extra 10% of the payment amount for free! So hurry up and don't miss this great deal!

    - From 9th of May 2015 until 11th of May 2015: increased experience for killing mutants on "Caravan" and "Lyubech" locations!

    Inexperienced gray spider - x3 experience points
    Maturing spider - x3 experience points
    Maturing mutant spider - x5 experience points
    Impenetrable - x10 experience points
    Mutated Rat - x2 experience points

    - 10th of May 2015: a super-mutant will attack human settlements in the zone. The exact settlement will be selected randomly.

    The super-mutant attack on "MSK" cluster starts on 19-00
    The super-mutant attack on "SPB" cluster starts on 20-00