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Q&A with Developers (We’ve answered over 300 questions!)

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  • Q&A with Developers (We’ve answered over 300 questions!)

    Hello Stalkers!

    We’ve finally translated some Q&A and ready to share it with you. It’s not all 300 at time but we well be filling this topic constantly.
    A lot of questions has been asked about new character. One thing we can say for sure is that a new character would be a huge step for us and our game. Stay tuned.

    We’ve got over 300 questions from you so we’ve decided to divide it with following groups:
    Technical aspects;
    Military-industrial complex;
    Server’s economics;
    Players relationship (PC disputes, orders);
    NPC and monsters;
    Atmosphere and locations;
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    Q.: Will you make an option which shows how many people are online in the game?
    A.: This function is not available at this time.

    Are there any plans for different format for premium except GR 300 - 30 days?
    Yes, we are working on this. Look for it in the next update.

    Will you create a database of a game?
    We are working on it. Soon you'll be able to find out more information about any item in the game as well as other information.

    Will Clan Armor’s clan be transferred to the St. Petersburg server?
    No, it won’t.

    Will the forum’s design change? Right now it has a lack of design.
    The current design does not stop you from reading the information published.

    The forum of the game is lagging, some pages are loading for too long. Will it be fixed?
    Our forum is managed by a third-party and we periodically get updates for it. The bugs you mentioned have been addressed in the update.

    Will you add a Jobs section to your website? I’m interested in vacancies in the company.
    This section already exists, http://www.stalker.so/jobs/

    Do you plan to launch the game on Steam in the future?
    This is a hard question. Our project is not ready for Steam release at the moment, but we are looking forward to work on it.

    When will you stop selling cheats for the game?
    It’s difficult to stop something that you’ve never started. We don’t sell cheats.

    Do you plan on making a questionnaires for QA specialists. It might help to resolve contentious issues.
    The opinion of our QA specialist are very important for us and we do always listen to what they suggest to improve the game.

    Will it be more literature contests? (I would like to participate again)
    Yes, there will be. Please keep your eyes open for this in the future.

    When will you create a topic of players suggestions for the game?
    Only when people are ready for it. But we aren’t ready for it, because when people suggest something for the game they exept to see it in the game the next day, and got really upset if it they don’t.

    Is it possible to establish two-way communication with technical support?
    We have KAYAKO service for that, you can ask there all questions you want and get a fast answer.

    There is a lot of questions for the development procces of the project. Is there an option to participate it?
    Please take a look at the "Jobs" section on the main site. There is information about the people that are needed for the project.

    Will it be possible to change the nickname in the game?
    Unfortunately, this is not possible at this moment. We might work on it in the future.

    Do you plan to encoure people that invest real money in your project?
    We have the shares with payment’s bonus. Moreover, when you pay money you get a certain service, which is count as a reward.

    When will you start get rid of cheat sources and all malware?
    The protection program has constant updates and we fix bugs all the time.

    Do you invite people to the game with refferent links, etc.?
    Not yet.

    Does anyone check complains about cheaters?
    Yes of course, and protection program updates constantly.

    Why did you nerve the MK-12 and VSS? And you didn’t even mention it!
    We apologize for that. Promise to inform you about this kinds of changes in future.


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      When do you plan to fix old bugs?
      Each update released fixes flaws and bugs. If you find a bug then please submit it to the support system or bug tracker.

      When will you bring physics into the game?The world is static and it's sad.
      Never - This is an online game with many players. Synchonization of physics uses and enormous amount of server resources.

      When will the game stop lagging when there are a large number of quests in the journal?
      We know about this bug and we are working on it.

      BigWorld is a little out of date, do you plan to move the game to the engine with great potential and a better optimization?
      You think it's so easy? It is not easy at all. But yes, I agree, BigWorld has long been obsolete.

      A lot of online games combine good graphics with low system requirements. Stalker Online has low graphics and high system requirements. Will you the optimize this for the game and if so, when?
      Your statement about the combination of schedules and requirements isn’t true. In our design constraints are imposed primarily by the imperfection and low tech graphics of the game client.

      Will the game have smooth textures in future?
      This s already available in the "Texture Filtering". If we are talking about AntiAliasing, it is in the plans, but this is not priority at this time. You can configure the program to artificially control the driver for your video card.

      While I was writing these questions on the forum I got annoyed with the pop up window stating “ERROR Invalid response from the server”. Why this is happening?
      Our forum is a third-party development and we periodically get updates for it. This error has been corrected.

      I have a 8-core processor, but the game is only one nucleus (99%). Are there any plans to move to a new version of your engine, for example bigworld1.1 or 1.2 that supports multi-core and multithreading?
      New versions of the engine aren’t free and support for multi-core processors is still not implemented.

      Will you work on launcher client?It updates really slow.
      1-2 mb downloading for 1-2 minutes

      When will you optimize the weather? I’ve compared FPS of the fog and rain. It sags badly.
      Thank you, we will work on it.

      A lot of players have been asking you for a new game’s engine, with new features, new graphics. We do understand it cost a lot of money, but why won’t you use crowdfunding services to get it?
      Well, it is not only about money, it is about time, it's not an easy job that can be done working for a half hour per day basis. Even on a full day basis it would be quite large undertaking requiring the involvement of relatively highly skilled people. We want to work with modern technology and on-screen display too, but in our situation, it is not possible at the moment.

      How much longer will I need to reenter the game to change the resolution?
      This problem has been resolved.

      When will u fix bug with the sudden disappearance of all sorts of things and hiding places out of sight?
      We know about this problem and we are working on it.

      When will you fix a safery zone bug?
      We know about this problem and we are working on it.


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        Why has the game raised the price?
        Prices can be raised for different reasons, for example because of the improved characteristics of the specific items or to reduce the availability of things. It is also possible to balance the economy. Demand creates supply.

        Will you change the economy of the game to a more realistic system (I mean the absence of large numbers)?
        Yes, we’ve been thinking about it, but at the moment, we are focusing on other changes.

        Will there be changes in the economy of the game? Before, it was easy to make money in the game. Now it is very difficult + takes very long. Will there be a happy medium?
        We probably won’t be able to please everyone for each frame.

        Are you planning on stabalizing prices in the store? Also the cost of service repairs, the characteristics of weapons and armor need to be fixed too?
        Yes, we are planning to fix it.

        Do you plan on protecting investment? I mean, for instance, if you buy BCC 2500z.r you would be able to sell it for a competitive price, rather than 4-5 times cheaper.
        It is possible, but you must understand that it will impose serious demands for a good return.

        Is it possible to make changes in the economy more smoothly? So there won’t be panic among the players?
        Panic and excitement are possible regardelss of any changes.

        Are you afraid of normal prices for artifacts B? Why can’t you reduce the chance of their availabilty, increase the value of it 5 times.
        People will run around for hours and won’t find anything and they will be very upset. Also they would think it’s a scam..

        Will there be more ways to withdraw game currency?
        The price at the transition may change, but in general, yes, the number of ways to withdraw money from the game will increase.

        Why did you nerve the repair kits? Now it’s more profit from the repairman than a repair kit.
        We will think about this question.Thank you.

        Why are the prices on many things so much artificially high?
        The range of shops, availability and prices on specific items are changed, if necessary.

        What is the point of changing prices if donation characteristics hasn’t changed?
        Price is not necessarily directly reflect the characteristics of things.


        Will you change the price for patches?
        Prices has been changed in the latest update.

        Will there be an opportunity to add a patch on any other part of a body besides the right shoulder?
        Maybe. We didn’t decide yet.

        Do you plan to add a variety of camouflage of real armies?
        Of course, and we did it in the latest update.

        Will the be an option where players could do colouring the armor themselves?
        Of course, in the near future you will be able to paint some of the existing equipment in the game, put logos and creat a unique style for your character and / or clan.

        Will it be possible to change the color of jackets, hats, pants and backpacks?
        We are planning to do it in the future.


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          NPC and Monsters.

          Will you add new monsters into the game?
          Yes we wiil, but their appearance will be set with new maps or new mechanics for their artificial intelligence.

          Do you plan to make artificial intelligence to simulate NPC?
          That currently isn’t in our plans.

          Do you plan to make voiceovers for Stalker Online characters?
          That is a great idea for our game but it is too early to talk about it.

          Will you make or refine NPC’s logic and voiceovers ?
          That is a great idea for our game but it is too early to talk about it.

          When will you fix the mobs?
          We’ll work on it and also try to ensure that all bugs be fixed as soon as possible.

          Will there be a logic in interaction with NPCs divided into factions of NPC, to which they belong?
          We are planning on it.

          Will you fix the bug with monsters hitting thru the walls?
          We know about that and we’ll try to solve this problem as soon as possible.

          Do you think of recreating mutants in the Zone? Some mutants in my opinion, very harmoniously fit into the concept of the game, while others are not.
          Yes, the addition of normal animals and new mutants is in the plans.

          Do you plan to limit a high abundance of monsters and a better respawn for it?
          Maybe we will change some aspects of this.

          Will you change ‘killing boss’ system? (maybe like a mini quest)
          Of course, one of the bosses have been developed with a new system, but do not expect to see this in the near future.


          Will there be a full weapons craft?
          Fully build weapons is possible only when there is quite an impressive arsenal of tools and equipment, this aspect of the game will be displayed rather than input and / or expanded.

          Will there be craft improvment?
          Probably not, however improving the system of crafting is in the plans.

          Do you have some new idea for crafting system?
          Yes,we do have some ideas.

          Will there be craft for refilling lighters?
          Yes, there will be a craft improvement/extension, but this problem is not a priority, as is waiting for the end of the development of other machinery-related and more necessary for the transition to new character. However, it is possible for this kind of a change and I appalud your idea.

          Will there be new medications and prescriptions?
          Maybe, if the need arises.


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            What happened to mk12? why does it shoot exactly like MK48?
            Maybe you use it as a machine gun, that’s why it is similar.

            You raised prices, you changed the performance characteristics of weapons, was it because you want us to buy WA2000?
            No need to jump to a conclusion and tell us that everything in the game is about donation because you are missing the point that we givean ability to legally exchange gold currency for the game currency. We are trying to make the weapon more simular to the real one, and often it brings serious limitation.

            Will you return old weapons? M4A1 \ SIG552 \ AUG-A2 \ AUG-A3 i.td
            Of course, like any other weapon, we show that - sooner or later it will be available in the game. Where and when? Everything can change, but the basic principle - to distribute things on the world game, instead of doing an analog "dumps of weapons" (horrible characteristics, small prices and a low sense of such content is poured into a burden in the future) that was the clan bases

            Will there be other models of sniper rifles?
            Yes, a lot of weapons will be added in to the game. Follow the news.

            Will you add SVD to SPB server?
            It was added more than a month ago.

            Will you rebalance old weapons and equipment, or everything will be taken out of the game and replaced by other analogs?
            Yes, in the last update, you can see the result of these changes, a change in the characteristics of weapons is quite possible in the future, as there may well be other changes that may affect the performance in any way. Changing weapons analogues will be made only in cases where the unit is provided on certain criteria will not fit into the game and therefore will change the visual model and possibly the characteristics of the weapons in order to match the new image.

            Would it be possible in the future to test the weapon before you buy from NPCs?
            The next update will bring a lot of improvements in the information about any object in the game, but testing out weapon before purchase - no.

            What is happening with the balance of weapons?
            Weapon’s balance has changed coarsely only a few times, generally process arms changes its characteristics when necessary.

            WIll you return the possibility to install the sniper scope on the M1 Garand?
            It is possible to introduce variations rifle M1, making it possible to install an optical sight. For this rifle is not provided.

            What happpened with the exchange associated with the CO and CB, ie the exchange of CO and CB on sig751 \ va2000 and CCD respectively, as well as the exchange of KB-M2 size.
            This exchange was switched off.

            Will you return AK74 and AK47 to the game?
            AK74 - yes, AK47 - no.

            Jacket "Partizan" has the strength of 5700, costs 400 real money. The jacket is completely wasted within a few days. Maybe you can add a little more strenghy / lower price / increase endurance?
            Yes, work with the characteristics of body armor and other items of clothing will be changed.

            Will you update items information in the game?
            It has already been updated.

            Will you return the old system of armor or everything will be like it is now?
            We don’t plan to return the old armor system.

            We want you to add new pistols.
            We don’t see the point for adding new pistols, they are very difficult to place in the current world of the game, in fact, any gun is actually dominated by gun-type machine, at least in the capacity of the store. However, the new guns are planned but the development will start after new character will be released.

            Will you returned to the game previously deleted samples of weapons, and / or that have been created as a clan? (Groza-4, SVU, SVD, Pecheneg)
            This weapon (SVU, Pecheneg) belong to their respective clans and it is in use. The rest of the weapons will be returned to the game later.

            Will you add a complete system of upgrades for weapons and equipment? Also what about night sights, grenade launchers and laser pointer?
            We do plan this but it will be out after a release of new character.

            Will you add camouflage suit to the game?
            Yes, this type of equipment is in our plans.


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              Will there be the ability to install patches on clan armor or regular armor (Dragun, The Jackal)?
              Yes, you can install the patches to the armor. We aren’t sure about clan armor because it already has a certain kind of an emblem.

              The armor gets worn pretty fast. Will you correct it?
              Yes, this question will be considered, but it’s too soon to talk about the results.

              Will the camouflage suit be shared or will remain to clan armor?
              Existing camouflage suit belongs to the clan, and for non-members of the Clan it will not be available. However, we have plans for the development of this kind of equipment.

              Will there be a new weapons for the silencer c5?
              New weapons will be developed and introduced to the game gradually.

              I am interested in rifles. Do you plan to develop new ones for Vepr guns and do you have plans to fix the characteristics of the old guns?
              If you are talking about the smooth-bore guns, then yes, the expansion of it is planned but not for the Vepr lines of guns. Also, we do not think that old guns have very bad characteristics because everything in the game is dependent on something.

              Two years passed since you promised to add PPS armor, so?
              Yes, we apologize for that but it won’t be in the shared access.

              Will you fix RPG near future?
              Not the near future but in general we will fix it.

              When will the recovery drawing of SS-M4 will appear in the game?
              When we will find a perfect place for it such as a quest or a shop.

              Will you develop different variations of Balaclava? I would like to see more variety of masks.
              Yes, we do plan to expand the list of different kinds of masks.

              Will you fix the characteristics of the gas mask? Right now it’s useless.
              Yes, we will fix it. The whole fix will be done after we will release a new character.

              Do you plan to add under-barrel grenade launchers?
              Yes, we do.

              Will you add muffler wear depending on the type of ammunition?
              Yes, we do plan to work on it but it will happen after a new character’s release.

              I am worried about Russian automatic rifle BCC. Dear developers, why did you nerf it?
              We didn’t nerf it on purpose.


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                WEAPON AND EQUIPMENT VOL.3

                When will you add to the game homemade silencer for 12 caliber pistol and silencer for the caliber of 9x19?
                We never set the date for releases because we can’t promise to make it in time. Right now we are working on new character, we will upgrade weapons after it’s done.

                Will you add more sniper’s rifles? I’d like to see rifles like SV98, VSSK-exhaust Sniper Rifle VSK94 complex, large-caliber sniper rifle OSV96, domestic sniper rifle ORSiS T5000.
                Weapons that was made later than 2000 will not be added to the game. Anti-materiel rifle - not that kind of a weapon which is fun to carry through the fields and shoot wild boar; Even if we will add this kind of weapons system you won’t be able to buy it "at Gourmet" and run with it for hours. We can talk more about it later, after the work on the weapon for the new character.

                Why did u nerf combat firearms?! To increase the flow of ammunition?
                No, not always "visible" and "situational" consequences are the reasons. You can try to understand what caused the changes, or how generally the system behaves, and you will find out that protection fell by 20% too, just as an example.

                The store has gloves but it doesn’t have an options like + to hit - to wear out weapons.
                We will work on the equipment after a new character release.

                Will you redesign exterior of army backpack, and add new types of backpacks?
                Of course, the expansion of backpacks is in our plans, and improving the appearance of old ones after the release of a new character.

                Some time ago I bought HK-416.Recently I found out that it will be removed from the game. I would like to return the money or you can offer some sort of compensation?
                Compensation for HC-416 is not provided, because it was never been sold for golden rubles. You need to sell it before December 1st, NPC offers good mony for it now. Much more than It cost.

                Will you expand the line of helmets?
                Yes, of course.

                In the description of the armor Shiz says that it's a super equipment that can withstand heavy fire with large-caliber weapons, but why I get killed in the head with 5.45 and 5.56 caliber weapons?
                Description of the suit has been changed.

                Will there be a new sniper rifle with a slide gate?
                Yes, expanding the range of weapons is in our plans.

                Is it possible to shoot with better accuracy with MK12?
                Yes, it’s possible with upgrades.

                I can see some uncomfortable and not aesthetic factors of unnecessary information / application of some windows (blinking chat) in the game. Are you going to refined / fix it?
                Of course.

                Will you improve the appearance of the suit Eel?
                It’s impossible with current shader system.

                Why Moscow server has some weapons that SPB server doesn’t have?
                It’s because Moscow server history much longer and there is some things that are not available on SPB server.

                A question about the assault rifle NK416, was it removed from the game, or replaced?
                It was removed.

                Will you add mufflers on handguns? It would be great to craft it on our own way. You can make it wear out.
                Mufflers for handguns are in our plans but there is no craft planned for it, sorry.

                Will upgrade the appereance of the sutes: Eel, Mars?
                Our game does not necessarily reflect the current realities of the world.

                Will you change the appearance of the armor?
                Of course, part of the equipment will be improved in terms of the visual component.

                Will there be an ability to set sight for Famas and FN FAL?
                It is possible, but we can’t promise it. The range of the installed equipment will be extended to the all weapons and equipment.

                Will you add more weapon’s equipment like night vision sights, laser designators, grenade launchers?
                Yes, but the release of a new character.

                Do you plan to add a new classes of weapon (machine guns, pistols, shotguns) for a reasonable price?
                Of course.

                Please tell me why did you nerf accuracy of BCC and MK-12, what is the reason?
                Accuracy is dependent on many parameters. After latest update it should be the better.

                Will you add new equipment like bandits or a hunters has(stalker pack, military, scientific, etc.)?
                New equipment is in our plans, but we can’t tell you about specific patterns or sets yet.

                Equipped weapons at an army backpack doesn’t displayed correctly (hanging in the textures), this also applies to equipment (armor + jacket) will you fix it?
                We will try to fix it as soon as possible.


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                  Will a make a full weapons crafting?
                  Fully build weapons is possible only if you have an impressive arsenal of tools and equipment, this aspect of the game will be displayed rather than input and / or expand.

                  Will you improve craft in the game? For example, will it be possible to make the helmet from the pan.
                  Probably not, but improvment of the craft system is in our plans.

                  Do you plan to make new crafting recipes?
                  Yes, we do

                  Will there be a craft for refilling lighters? I would like to see craft of it in return of matches.
                  This is sound like a good idea, thank you. And yes we do plan to improve craft in the game, but our priority right now is a new character.

                  Will you add new medications and prescriptions?
                  We’ll do it if the need arises.


                  When will you add locations Pripyat and Makendzhaf?
                  As soon as the development will be done

                  When you will fix landscape apperance and textures?
                  It is all about engine optimization at low settings. Make it more visibility and it should solve the problem.

                  The game doesn’t have a good atmospheric sounds. Will you make it more darker with suitable soundtrack?
                  Darkness isn’t always the foundation of atmospheric pressure.

                  Will you get displayed PvP arena in the future?
                  PvP Arena will carry a more complex function than it is do now. At the moment this is a trial.

                  Will you return the old location called Forrest?
                  This map does not exist, and it will not return .

                  The weather is dreary, lights are lowl, sometimes I can’t see anything. Will you make good terms of lighting and weather?
                  Yes, we want to make it better.

                  You really need to change the atmospheric of the game?
                  Yes, maybe it will change with the introduction of a new character.

                  When will you remove the textures where a character usually get stuck after respawn?
                  This problem is solved more efficiently by referring to tech support or feedback.

                  Will you lead the game back to the atmosphere of the Zone of Alienation?
                  It probably will be changed with apperance of a new character

                  Will you add music to storage locations? Do you plan to bring back old songs to gourmet?
                  Maybe but it’s all have to do with musical tastes, so it is quite controversial.

                  Do you plan to add location called Mirkwood?

                  The game will acquire steel arms? And if the gun is in a backpack will it drop cause of death?
                  Everything will be cleared up when the new character will be released.

                  Will you add dungeons for single player and / or cooperative mode?
                  Yes, it is in our plans.

                  Will you expand location New Earth?
                  Definitely, yes!

                  Will you fix lighting at Caravan location?
                  What is wrong with it? You can leave your feedback on our forum.

                  Why if a stalker stays in the area he doesn’t get negative effects?
                  These effects will be added in future.

                  Why locations Airport doesn’t have artifacts?
                  This location has a little bit different meaning.


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                    Will you nerf players killer system? 30 stones is too much, and can you at least make the NPC talk to my PK?
                    Some NPCs does talk a PK, and they could clean it for you for money.

                    Why did you increased stones from 10 to 30?
                    You will be able to clean your karma better.

                    Will you add blacklist for clans?
                    Blacklist for clans does not work for single players, so no.

                    Will you add a full blacklist to the game? Will the "friends" highlighted with green color and "enemies" highlighted with red red color?
                    No, we don’t have plans to do that.

                    Will it be possible to fight not only against hostile groups but hostile personalities?

                    Is there a list of online and blacklist player in the game?
                    Call up for the friends menu or to block messages from another player by F11 key

                    When will twink war stop?
                    If we are talking about the fact that the seizure of fortified points or base come the players without clan and prevent the normal flow of the capture, then yes, changes have already been made in the recent update.

                    Do you plan to introduce a "personal enemies list"?
                    No, this is not planned.

                    I would like to know are you going to make a benefit for securing fortified posts?
                    We do talk about this mechanics but didn’t decide anything so far.

                    Will there be changes in the players killer system? improvements in the ordering system? Improvements in the bulletin board?
                    Improvements have occurred in recent updates.

                    I as a member of the PvE-groups had to fight with the PC players? Why didn’t you add the agrement to enter the war on the part of those to whom it was announced?
                    Yes, we do work on it.

                    Will you add awards for the capture bases and strengthen the points?
                    We’are discussing this mechanic at the moment.

                    Will there be an extra bonuses for owners of donation bases?
                    We’are discussing this mechanic at the moment.

                    Will there be an extra bonuses for PK players?
                    There is ideas to add a small quests and work with content, but the development of new equipment for the PK is not planned.

                    What caused such an intense battle with the PK?
                    There is no Intense fighting with PK.

                    Did you got PK back? When I kill someone I can’t buy ammunition. Can you make it so I could get in to warehouse freely with red nickname to buy stuff from dealers?
                    Dealers from the groups of bandits would be happy to provide you services like that.

                    When the nickname will stop turninig blue while killing the member of enemy’s clan?
                    This is the feature of this system, but it will be reviewed in the future.

                    When will you solve the problem with the revival of the defense at the station?
                    You can submit this error to the technical support section.

                    I’ve recently found out that one of the head of the clan is one of the developers?
                    Game developers are not leaders of any clan.

                    Why did you nerf the loot and cancelled the drop of equipment, increased the sentence in prison, lowered the threshold of karma? Don’t you think it's unfair ?
                    PvP mechanics is constantly being tested and modified.

                    When will the mark of the location will start working?
                    Tag of the players location does not show the location every second. You need to capture the player's on your own.

                    Why it is not possible to execute the order on a player from enemy clan?
                    Because this system is designed for other purposes, clans resolve all questions at the war..

                    The current system does not allow you to punish players that stealing the loot or being rude. Earlier there was the opportunity to shoot poison that allowed to kill without being a PK. Are you going to return it?
                    Old system is a consequence of errors and in most cases is not used in the most noble purposes. It will not be returned.

                    Will you add the ability to get experience for the seizure of bases and fortification points?
                    The mechanics are explained.

                    Would it be possible to capture fortification points without the base?

                    Make the capture of fortification points to be once in 2 days, so it will be more popular.
                    Nevertheless, some points have been captured.

                    Can you make such a system for clans where enemies clan tag will be red, blue is neutral, and allies would be green.
                    We will think about this, thank you.

                    Why the PK isn’t allow to talk with the buyers swag?
                    These changes are in the plans. However, this does not mean that it is a common approach for all buyers.
                    Последний раз редактировалось Alex_Mak; 27.11.2015, 12:47.


                    • #11
                      When will it be possible to drink something stronger than water, I mean something like alcohol.
                      Please, remember that children plays our game too! That would be a bad example of behavior.

                      Will you add to the game the ability to smoke cigarettes?
                      Please, remember that children plays our game too! That would be a bad example of behavior.

                      When the bullets will start to reach the aim correctly? Remove this ugly camera over the shoulder. I'm tired of seeing the back of team-mate who is behind when aiming.
                      That’s the rules for third-person games, sorry.

                      My reputation for bandits is -4000, so they are not enemies and neutrals, but why they are still trying to shoot me, is it a bug?
                      No, they are still your enemies.

                      I want you to think of developing the sophisticated first-person view
                      We do not think about the 1st person mode as the "engine" of our game.

                      Will you modified / redesigned game’s interface and some locations as well?
                      Yes of course!

                      Do you plan to create a sound environment? (dog barking in the distance, and stuff like that)
                      Yes, the effects of the environment will be improved.

                      Are there any plans in the future to create new instances, such as laboratories or bunkers.
                      Yes of course!

                      After the last update the effect of poisoning does not work, it asks for antidote, but when the player dies it is the first thing that drops of him. You should change it.
                      Maybe you are right. We will think about this question.

                      Why the effect of the poisoning and bleeding is endless: the human body suddenly forgot about the coagulation of blood and how to withdrawal the poison from the body?
                      The human body is of course aware of the clotting of blood, but some wounds are too big for that.

                      Will you make a system of grading anomalies by the damage (fire damage, cold damage, electric shock, damage to the toxic / poison), and will the artifacts get good properties?

                      Will the radiation be one of the main danger in the zone along with other anomalies?
                      Yes, and you will not be happy about it, because the radiation stays in the body for a thousand years.

                      Will there be in the game the ability to use found medications? Will there be an option to recycle the medications? And will there be a craft system for medications?
                      We want to make and finalize everything about this question.

                      Will you make a complete information base on the characteristics of weapons / armor, medications.
                      The question was answered already.

                      Are you planning to introduce a system of penalties for the louts who insults other players in a chat.
                      You can complain on the certain players according to the rules and they will be punished. Also you can block chat from it

                      After the introduction of new characters will you continue to make the interface updates? And the new upgrade system?
                      First of all we will develop the basis of a new upgrade system.

                      The player in the game can be killed with one or two headshots and with a 3-4 body shots, do you plan to make this damage fewer?
                      No, we don’t plan to make it fewer.

                      Can you make a chat that would have seen for the players from any location?
                      No, we don’t plan this.


                      • #12
                        Do you have any developments of new upgrade systems?
                        Of course, the work carried out in this direction, but the it is not yet ready formed, as we expect a new character and the development of other mechanic.

                        Stalker Online is positioning itself as the game that more or less close to the believability. And if so, when will be put out at the machine guns, sniper rifles and others?
                        As we’ve mentioned many times, we will add it with a new character.

                        Why won’t you make a topic on the forum like "your opinion about the patch?" I believe that a good idea since the game is in beta test.
                        Yes, that is a good idea, we’ll borne this obligations to the forum moderators.

                        Will you make a better customization for a character in future?
                        We want to do that, but don’t know how soon will it be done.

                        Why zone is so safe? You can’t even die from anomaly’s effect?
                        The idea of ​​the game world may differ from player to player, but we do not see much sense to convert the whole territory of the game in a very dangerous spot.

                        Will there be emissions in this game?
                        The emissions in the game, where death does not carry any value is meaningless.

                        Is it possible that you will make the prison coupons as a personal thing, so no one can sell it, pass it to other player etc.?
                        As already mentioned, the system of punishment will be refined and modified.

                        Do you plan to change the role system of update?
                        Not for rigid classes and skills for dressing pants or the opportunity to take up arms.

                        In my opinion, the game has a problem with withdrawal of loot and other equipment. Well, maybe you can make NPC which will help exchange weapons and ammunition to the experience?
                        A worthy idea, thank you, we think about your offer.

                        Do you plan to add achievments to the game?
                        Yes, this kind of thing is in our plans. However not as achievements but as information.

                        Will you change the mechanics of combat? the damage of the gun on the minimum distance should be more than a specified distance from a sniper rifle.
                        The system of weapons, ammunition and the impact on the character's body will be changed.

                        What melody plays during entry?
                        Seven24 - One Moment (Chris Wonderful Vocal mix)

                        I support the main proposals of artifacts. I think you need to add several new rare species.
                        Yes, we will add new artifacts that will be different from existing properties, but we have limitations that are imposed by existing systems that persists only after work on the mechanics of a new character. And yet, a large force of the artifact does not always mean a long period of his life.

                        I have a couple of little thoughts are in full would add realism to the game, such as why there is tea but no thermos, where it could be maken. Imagine if you are cold and there is no fire and you remember that you have a small thermos of hot tea that would make you warm.
                        Interesting idea, maybe we will take it on mind.

                        What do you take as a basis for innovation?
                        The development plan of the project

                        Did you have an idea to make a relationship between the players, the atmosphere reminiscent of DayZ?
                        The atmosphere in Day Z is specific, because it is easier to kill and collect useful things for themselves, rather than bother with the option to shoot or not.

                        Do you have enough funds for the project?
                        Yes, you do not have to worry about it.

                        May I ask why it is impossible to restore the group?
                        This may be due the fact that the game doesn’t have mechanisms to give this opportunity, try to contact the technical support.

                        By the way, when will it bes only one character in the game?
                        This does not solve anything, because you can create another account.

                        It is possible to make a mark on the map and that’s good, but I would like to make a mark "the right place where I am", the label appears under the icon player. That was several versions of labels (circle, square, triangle) and several colors for informative.
                        Good point, we’ll think about it, but the implementation will happen only after a new character will be released.

                        Will you supplement minimap functionality?
                        Maybe in the future.

                        Will you fill empty cells with new perks in the skill section?

                        Will there be an improved performance of the game chat?
                        Yes, the work on this aspect is planned for the near future.

                        Will you introduce a global in-game chat or the bind to the radio?
                        Maybe in the future.

                        The rubber now damaging health. Will you fix it?
                        No, this is how it works.


                        • #13
                          Could you introduce the possibility of selling rare items (both developers and players) through auctions? For example, a rare weapon might be put up for auction a duration of 2-3 days, with the starting price (for example) 1000z.r. and the minimum pitch rate 50-100z.r. (but with the ability to immediately put more money). Anyone could see the current maximum rate and "kill" her, putting more.

                          Maybe this will be implemented in further plans.

                          It would be nice to modify the journal itself. To sort it. Quests in the journal arranged at random, it is sometimes difficult to find the right quest.

                          Work on the journal assignments will be carried out, but it’s not priority change.

                          It would be nice to see the expected reward in the description of guests and tasks.

                          Yes, you are right.

                          Will there be a ​​radiation in the Zone? Because right now it does not provide any danger.

                          We haven’t discuss this changes yet and it’s not included in the development plan.

                          Is there plans for wipe changesin 2015?


                          I am aware that work on the game weapons is ongoing, but at this point there is no animation of "recoil", will it be implemented?

                          Animation of recoil is there. When it comes to the behavior of sight then we can say that some of the work on this is in the plans.

                          I would like to know more how the upgrades / progress/ skills is changing in the game when OBT will be over.

                          More information will be given towards the end.

                          I remember reading news about your plans for upgrade changes. Are you working on it right now and how is it going?

                          Yes, we do work on it.

                          The weapon in the game has not concrete damage, will the system be balanced? Or the damage depends on the exact hit for different parts of the body of the monster / person / NPCs?

                          The damage depends on getting into the specific parts of the body, the work on this will take place only in a small range of the current system, and only when necessary, and in general, the system of weapons, ammunition and their impact on the character's body will still be changed after the transition to a new character.

                          Sometimes when you make headshots right infront of the man or monster it won’t die. WIll you balance this thing?

                          Maybe, but only after releasing new character.

                          Will you introduce a possibility such as the turning off the blood in the game, in the game settings?

                          Perhaps in the future, if required.

                          Will be corrected the system of failing objects (loot, drops)?


                          Will you return the zero chance of gettimg artifacts from drops? (loot)

                          It is possible, but it won’t be carried in the order of "return as it was before."

                          Will you modified weapons physics according to installed add-ons?

                          Of course, a deeper work on the weapon will be conducted within the new character.

                          Will you rebalance system of raising artifacts toward complexity?

                          Yes, this kind of ideas have a place to be. However, the direct development is not conducted.

                          Are there any plans to increase the effect of the anomalies in the presence of artifact in it?

                          No, but we’ll take note of this information.

                          Does all anomalies spawn artifacts?

                          No, anomalies "Twins" and "Teleport" does not spawn artifacts.

                          After what time the artifact is removed from the anomaly?

                          After 15 minutes.

                          I would like to see a detailed description of perks.

                          Yes, over time, we will introduce the description of the perks.


                          • #14
                            Why the storm gun was removed from the award?
                            Why you didn’t put anything in a return?
                            Why you did not notified that the reward was curtailed?
                            Why this game has so few quest’s weapons and equipment?
                            Do you plan to restore order in these quests or develop new ones with new better rewards?
                            Do you plan to create the project database?

                            The Storm is a rare and special weapons. There is not many quest’s weapons and equipment because statistics show that you can get it easily and quickly if you really want it.
                            Development of new quests is carried out continuously, and about better rewards - no .

                            I would like to know when Stalker Online will stop being like CS?

                            A new character and weapons will close the subject so it won’t be like Counter Strike.

                            Will you make a system of looting caravan with supplies?


                            Will you introduce cache’s system for characters, like a storage? Where people can leave things for a certain period of time.

                            No, we don’t have plans for that.

                            Do you plan to add female characters to the game?

                            The answer to this question you will find in the previous Q&A session from 13 July 2014. The issue №9.

                            Are you planning to do correcting for perks that doesn’t work?

                            We do fix it at times, but the dense revision of the current system will not be carried out. The new character has its own system.

                            Will there be new skills for a character?


                            Do you plan to increase the visual range?

                            It is possible, but it is too early to talk about it. In the current variation of the game - no.

                            Do you plan to add new artifacts and mutants?

                            Of course.

                            Will you add metal detector and mines?


                            Do you plan to return the censors?

                            No, this control system is outdated.

                            Do you have any plans to introduce an entrance video or audio clip in main menu?

                            We are discussing the concept of entry, but have not yet come to mutual opinion. We would like to see that kind of the video.

                            I wonder if you have plans of introducing disease? Like if the hog would bite you your wound will start an infection.

                            Yes, maybe.

                            My question is about reputations of groups, are you going to improve it?

                            Reputation of groups and relationships with traders will be refined.

                            It is not convenient to write in chat, there is no auto save and if someone shoots at you it is not possible to copy and write to him.

                            You can copy text in the chat.

                            Why don’t you want to attract a group of players to the content development? I have already suggested, but got an answer that nobody is interested.

                            You can choose available positions and send a resume http://www.stalker.so/jobs/

                            Will there be more perks that will reduce loss of loot and ammunition?

                            It’s already in the game.

                            It seems that the developers have no concept of game development. But if you have it, can we hear at least some of it?

                            Unfortunately at the moment we are not ready to share our concept.

                            Will there be a special game modifiers to improve the performance characteristics of TTX weapons?

                            These ideas are in our plans, but it’s still in progress.

                            Will there be NPC in the zone from which we can order weapons or ammo for gold / artifacts?


                            Will there be an opportunity to create groups within the clan?

                            The idea deserves attention and discussion.

                            Will there be a new perks for a character?

                            For a new character - yes.

                            Do you have any plans to divide stalkers faction’s attachment?

                            It is too early to talk about it.

                            Will you make vote among the players about the innovation?

                            Maybe, but not on a regular basis.

                            In the game there are groups (the bandits, soldiers, scientists, etc.) but they are barely involved with anything, I propose to make seizures of such places as the gourmet.

                            Yes, we do have this kind of ideas.