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Patch December 2, 2015

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  • Patch December 2, 2015


    • corrections in the main menu: ability to access the settings without exiting the game have been restored;
    • changes in the chat: former functional personal message have been restored (by pressing the left mouse button and right mouse button);
    • changes in chat: now you can change the colour of the message;
    • changes in chat: chat window can now be scaled on either side, and not only the right and bottom;
    • update from the main menu: the filter includes obscene words when creating a character's name. However, if the player still be able to choose a nickname that does not meet the rules, the player will be banned;
    • hints console commands have been added in to the chat;
    • the main menu now specifies the server where the player is located.

    • spawn point on the map Airport has been fixed
    • the description of some subjects have been changed, for example, an anomaly extractor now displays current information about the battery and its price
    • "Empty" containers are fewer now, and some of it has a better contents.
    • changes in forest recesses: now you can find more useful material.
    • changes in containers in the Polygon war on Vesuvius
    • changes in containers on the New earth
    • registrar groups are now provides its services for money (FN Fal and Tash are no longer required to create a clan)
    • hat "Mazzei" now has protection from the cold
    • lame demon now appears in different parts of the landfill, the number of lame devils increased, the number of ordinary demons on the range was reduced
    • water sources now appeared on the military ranges
    • the damage of Les Miserables has been changed
    • the damage of bownie and devils have been reduced
    • the guards at the Gourmet was renamed to "Stalker guard." The guards in the village of White were renamed to "guard of "White"
    • "Belomor" packs have been removed from quest rewards
    • the subject of "empty shells" have been put on disposal and renamed
    • container "Khabar" renamed to the "Suitcase"
    • container "Chips" renamed to the "Electronics"
    • the box "Khabar" will now have different things
    • fixed a display bug in the presence of certain health effects.

    • changes have been made for the dialogues and quests Krol and Boxes;
    • line of quests at the Wolf Tunguska was launched (starting with the quest "Stalker and mercenary" that did not work before);
    • for the job "Return of the Prodigal Brother" award is now given once (previously was given twice). Fixed dialogues nishtyak, spitting, technique (and some others), which could lead to "hang" quests or work properly;
    • some low-level daily quests have been changed: Now when performing them several times, they may cause an increase chances of better reward;
    • the requirements for several quests in the direction of a reduction have been changed. In particular: "Twilight genius" and "Beast of Beauty";
    • fixed a bug that resulted in the quest "bad peace" could pass for both sides (military and bandits).
    Graphic changes:

    • changes in the sorting effect of SSAO;
    • fade visual effect was added to moving between locations;
    • the number of buildings where the rain pours through the roof was reduced;
    • corrections have been made with material models;
    • corrections have been made on the locations;
    • some effects have been optimized;
    • stairs movement was improved.

  • #2
    Are there any plans to implement an "auto move forward" button"? Also dragging loot from a dead mutants inventory to my own is annoying, when will the "pick up all" button actually work?


    • #3
      "the damage of bownie and devils have been reduced"
      Uhm if by "reduced" you mean that tiny brownies now hit me with 70 damage through my ninja armor. then yes....well done in reducing their damage.
      Seriously, someone must've made a typo when they entered that new damage, how can a weak tiny brownie hit 70 damage?