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Patch 19.12.2015

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  • Patch 19.12.2015

    Attention! After 15 minutes (approximately) the servers will be shut down to install the patch that fixes critical errors, as well a small game update.
    - Fixed effect, leading to a black screen on NewYear locations
    - Fixed character animation in NewYear location
    - Fixed chat, leading to blockage of the control character
    - Fixed light sources - Fixed a visual display of death bear on NewYear opening event
    - Fixed a bug in the quest with NewYear gift, now you can get your gift, even if you got you gift last year.

    - Changed some bear characteristics at the New Year event (slightly reduced bullet protection, R button now restores hunger and thirst and slightly increases health regeneration, but restoring hunger and thirs effect will be only applied 1 time at 20 minutes, the Q is now prohibits attack not so long as before.)
    - Changes at the trade lists at Radio tower
    - Changes at the trade lists at Airport
    - Changes at the trade lists at Imarek
    - Changes at the trade lists at distillery
    - Changes at the trade lists at Bandits cave

    ATTENTION! The list of weapon repair boxes, was moved from the Ammo trader at the Bandits cave to the Bar at the distillery (LVZ)
    - Bar guardian was renamed into the Bandit in order to match the faction which he belongs to.
    - Ammo trader was renamed into Gunner and from now on will offer not only an ammunition.

    Attention! If you have any errors, contact technical support http://stalker.kayako.com/
    Последний раз редактировалось BladeSlinger; 19.12.2015, 11:45.

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    BladeSlinger at last we`re geting informations about patches and fixes Thanks