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Patch from March 30.2016

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  • Patch from March 30.2016

    This update will be testing a new system of capture, defense and ownership of a clan bases. The main reason for changing the base capture mechanics was a need for more flexible and understandable system to the player in which there weren’t weird and not logical moments that made the capture of some bases virtually impossible. The new system is easier, but at the same time it’s more demanding on the skills and unity of the attacking or defending group.
    Now to capture the base you just need to capture all the flags and hold it ‘till the end of the capture. To do this, you need to have a character with a gun tucked away behind his back and that keeps interaction with the flagpole. The flag is captured when it lowered and its color have changed to blue, but after that you can continue cooperation and lift up the flag so opponents would have more problems to recapture it. The group that has captured all the flags before the end of capture becomes the master of the base and its members can respawn on the side of defenders. To maintain the status of the host itss not necessary to protect each flag, just don’t give the other groups to become the owner of all flags. At the end of the capture the base goes for the ownership of the last host group.
    This changed mechanic is not limited only to the capture, because it would have no meaning if interest in the ownership of the base was not worth spent all group energy on it. So that’s why the management of base has been extended.
    To increase the chances of a successful defense, through the base controling man, you can set additional flags to prepared in advance places. The security guards who now have no value at the time of capture need to be bought separately. Unlike flags, they can be set in any available place, but no more than a certain radius from the center of the base. Beside that, you can arrange your own stalker’s camp with merchants, callboard, bench and a well. Depending on the time of ownership (it will be like this during this test, but most likely the system will be changed in the future), the levels of base will grow, and it will allow new equipment, as well as hiring the necessary set of service characters. Most interesting is that a percentage of the proceeds of dealers goes to the group treasury. About the income you can find out more through a special menu.
    Please note that the acquired improvements, in the case of a successful base protection will stay in place. If the host is changing, it gets empty database without improvements.
    First time the new system will be presented in a test mode only on the base of "Lesopilka", which period of capture was specifically reduced, and all prices are indicative and are not final. After this tests and debug the new mechanics will be transferred to all other available bases.


    We’ve started a large-scale changes in the concept of the game fractions and the principles of influence of reputation on the various aspects of the gameplay. Right now, the accrual system of reputation for game tasks was completely redone, as well as the way this reputation will be taken in the dialogues with game characters. Raising and lowering of the reputation has become more logical. For example, "free barter" won’t be happy if he would need to ship artefacts to scientists without intermediaries, and hunters are beginning to consider a player as hunter when he hunts animals and mutants, but they won’t be happy if a player will be paying too much attention for the tasks that not related to hunting. This brings us to another change: the reputation of any fraction (including scientists and hunters) can now be changed in the positive and the negative direction.
    Also, you will notice that some reputation have been involved, for example, the reputation of "Singles." This does not mean that "Singles" fraction appeared in the game. This type of reputation indicates to what kind of actions the player is more prone: for example, if the player is prone to help others, or he is acting on the basis only of personal benefit, and sympathize with same actions of game characters.
    These changes will not affect on the regular stalker routine of those players who has come to "Stalker Online" a long time ago and has already managed to pass many quests. But it just yet. In the future, the reputation will affect on many aspects of the game, going beyond dialogue and tasks.
    • a series of dialogues and quests has been changed in order to avoid possible errors. In particular, the task of Zhivoderov "A pair of extra hands" and "Language and claws" you can take over after the cancellation. The same goes for the quests associated with Arkasha Amanita.
    • the bugs which allows the player to repeatedly gain experience and reputation in the dialogues, where it was not supposed to happen, has been fixed.

    Graphic changes
    • "Lesopilka" on location "Liubech Neighborhoods" has changed the design;
    • "Paukan cave" and "A cave of bandits" on location "Liubech Neighborhoods" has changed the design;
    • the scientists base on "New Earth" has changed the design too;
    • some weather effects has been changed;
    • models and textures of rocks on the location of the "Liubech Neighborhoods", "A New Earth", "Vesuvius", "Airport" has been changed;
    • the model of muffler A.39 was changed and renamed to PBS-1 and got a little lighter (went from 0.90 kg to 0.45 kg);
    • mufflers 7.62х51 and 7.62х54 has been changed;
    • model of submachine gun “Sites Spectre M4” has been changed;
    • the effect of gun shooting with a mufler device is now displayed correctly (previously it was in the center of the muffler);
    • the effects of shots from weapons has been changed;
    • some other effects has been changed;
    • now you can declare the war against another group only once a day;
    • a declaration of war and peace is now available only next to the registrar of groups;
    • the effectiveness of the restoration of health in the sitting position has been significantly reduced;
    • changes in performance of patrons (breaking, damage);
    • poisoned bullets are now impose a poisoning effect with some chance;
    • 7.62х25 patrons, .357 magnum patrons and .45 ACR patrons is more expensive now;
    • the damage from the "Molotov cocktail" significantly reduced;
    • the price of spare parts kit for Mossberg 500 shotgun was increased;
    • the chance of drop was reduced for small, medium, first aid kits, bandages, antidotes and antiradina;
    • intoxication effect now lasts 30 seconds instead of 60;
    • burning effect now lasts 20 seconds instead of 60, but the damage has increased from 3 to 8;
    • 2 composite plates (which are never used and had a similar name to be used in the drawings) renamed to tainted plates, they can be sold to buyers;
    • Tin Soldier, Christmas gifts and old Christmas gifts was removed;
    • maximum strength was reduced with: (masks and gasmask) "Slonik", "Graffiti", "Inglish", "Toad", "Vizier," "Shapka Mazai";
    • protective characteristics was modified for the "Mars" costumes, "Ugor", "Pachka": now these suits protects from burning effects;
    • protection of the vest and pants Shiz was taken out into the effect (this means that even if completely worn out, they will provide some protection, a similar feature is already with costumes "Mars", "Ugor", "Pachka," "Kinolog");
    • the cost of repairing the vest and pants Shiz was increased;
    • the body from protecting with gas masks and helmets was removed;
    • monsters and anomalies are no longer uses hit areas to damage (depending on getting the same attack in the head or leg, damage to all areas is x1);
    • reduced damage and spread of damage from almost all monsters attacks;
    • increased penetration performance of all monsters attacks;
    • many monsters attacks will be accompanied by the use of negative effects, such as bleeding;
    • bullet protection for dogs, rats, spiders and some sorcerers was reduced;
    • bullet protection was increased for boars, increased the number of health, received experience and reduced damage;
    • reduced bullet protection for bears, but the number of health was increased;
    • recipes weight was reduced to 0.1 kg;
    • anomalies are now sources of radiation contamination;
    • method of applying radiation effect has now changed, it takes the number of applied effects, and not just the number their sources, i.e. protection directly reduces the amount of radiation received, for example, having a radiation source 1, which imposes a 20 radiation effects character would get 20 effects, and now, under the same conditions, with the protection of 50% you will get a total of 10;
    • damage of anomalies for drobilka, katapulta and the press was lowered;
    • damage of anomaly zelenaya gnil was increased;
    • microwave oven has changed the way of dealing damage, now it does it less, but more often;
    • fiery anomaly now has a chance to bring fire damage for the player;
    • wearout of things now depends not only on the damaging by ammunition, but also on the protection of the purpose and the nominal damage taken;
    • fixed a bug with gas masks, now it’s really protect against dispute effects;
    • added the ability to create a squad after pressing the button of the mouse on the avatar;
    Fixed buges
    • an issue in which some costumes inherited the protective characteristics of the helmet Shiz was fixed;
    • bug with calculating the wearout of armor was fixed (some items will no longer receive x2, x3 wearout);
    • fixed bug in calculating the wear armor (some items will start to wear regardless of the presence of some type of protection from damage), and now wearout of armor will depend on its protection against a specific type of damage. This means that the body armor with a higher protection will lose its strength in smaller volumes, more than that for the same gun body armor with a fortune of 100% will lose, for example, 100 strength of the hit and vest with a fortune of 50% lose, for example 200 strength for hitting, as the body armor protection is reduced according to its state;
    • flicker of a flashlight or avatar while moving in dungeons was fixed;
    • premature disappearance of the enemy's body was fixed;
    • the inability to drag the item back in the merchant trade window was fixed;
    • painting displaying weapons during the taking out of the hands was fixed;
    • found a typo in the interface was fixed;
    • the opportunity to buy more than 50 varieties of items at a time was fixed;
    • same name of composite plates was fixed;
    • pop up window action list with the subject outside of the game window was fixed;
    • the amount of lead and gunpowder in some recipes was fixed;
    • the execution of some tasks repeatedly was fixed;
    • hanging in the air boxes to the Tunguska was fixed;
    • bugs and inaccuracies in the jobs was fixed;
    • display of two jackets worn was fixed;
    • auto bans on the strengthen points H4 was fixed;
    • absence of name for Rat King was fixed;
    • description of some items by task was fixed;
    • the ability to perform the task "third party" without reputation bandits was fixed;
    • slipping some windows after changing window resolution was fixed;
    • raying SSAO shadows through the water was fixed;
    • holes in some rocks was fixed;
    • the inability to take a task from Grisha Selpo for boar leg was fixed;
    • the use of certain graphics settings menu was fixed;
    • inability to put up for sale the subject in the absence of larger amount on your hands than you need was fixed;
    • record of the values ​​of the damage in the description of items was corrected;
    • name for PP SITES Spectre M4 was changed from SITES M4 to Spectre M4;
    • for capturing the new base (applies to "Lesopilkal") was made their own flags purchase interface, security guards, NPC, as well as managing the bank base;
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  • #2
    i was waiting for new weapons using ammo 9x18 and 7.62x54, i was waiting for ak-74 - you promised it in july last year.... And what i see? How, do you think, noobs must go to Lubech with pm? meeting armored boars???? You got off learning quests on Station, noobs already don't know how to boil water - whan do you think about??? armor on monsters in Tunguska? New system of base defend???

    Guys, wake up!!! We are waiting for new wepons on spb-server, we are waiting for first-person view, what the hell are you doing????

    What the reason to delete OC-14 and AKMC from quests reward? How, do you think, Dersu came so far with UZI???


    • #3
      You can write here, but noone of devs is ever reading this. Some moderators do, but they have no power or even a good will to pass it to the developers. Game sucks more from patch to patch, no new promised weapons and locations after a year from announcment! it was supposed to be "almost ready" desert map, but hey ****e added it first I read forum from time to time, but i do not play this game for 2 months. I wait for a big change, if it will not happen i will not play this game, and most of my clanmates also. We had 20 people playing every day now only 3 left.


      • #4
        Agreed it really seems nobody is playing this anymore. The changes I see here are meant to keep those busy who have been playing for a long time. It seems project leadership doesnt care for new players anymore, hence why they removed the AK-102 one or two patches ago, now there is nothing a newbie can use to start off.

        Also the project leadership here should really think - when their most loyal english speaking clan (SoA) is more busy with playing in the shitty twin project, that says a lot about Stalker Online's current state. I do not see any clear direction where development is heading. I've always been a fan of Stalker Online, I have defended it countless times but honestly I cant blame people for playing shitzone since they at least deliver new content every now and then while Stalker Online has been in a stagnation for more than a year now.


        • #5
          most of us went to shitty twin project just to check new maps and most of are not playing there also because steam server is almost empty have many bugs terrible graphic and greedy devs

          we want to play here where we have many friends (and enemies ) and we will get back when devs add something more

          devs dont read that so i dont know why im writeing that they just dont care about english community


          • #6
            • bullet protection was increased for boars, increased the number of health, received experience and reduced damage,Boars became very masty which is the most common mutant in the game.
            • 7.62х25(HP) has been nerfed and the price has been raised.noobs will break soon enough in this game i'm sure.
            • the effectiveness of the restoration of health in the sitting position has been significantly reduced, DEVS should delete this useless posture.
            • many monsters attacks will be accompanied by the use of negative effects, such as bleeding. Bounier or something similar with this white Goblin already became newbie killer with the ridiculous attack damage.Now they even have 100% chance accompanied by bleeding ?
            • Does DEV really exclude new players come to this game?! BTW sorry for my bad english.