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Patch fix for Patch from March 30, 2016

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  • Patch fix for Patch from March 30, 2016

    Dear players.

    Many of you faced the problem with suspension at the time of taking and delivering quests from NPC. This caused a long suspension of the game's client, which in turn caused crashing of the game for a few seconds, and sometimes it even threw you out of the game. This problem has been fixed in the latest update, but we did not tell you about it to make sure that the problem is really solved at the root.
    Now we do know for sure that you will no longer arise inconveniences with taking and delivering quests system, so this patchfix solved the problem.
    • a bug with displayed stripes on gray trousers with pockets was fixed;
    • spoiled plate (DAM) is now possible to pick up and put in storage;
    • reduced health of some jelly;
    • bullet protection for all Verlioks was increased;
    • health of boars was reduced;
    • health of all the little pigs was reduced, but at the same time also was reduced the experience for killing it;
    • added bullet patrons for sale to dealers weapons and ammunition: on location "Airport", the Palace of Culture in Lyubech, in the village of White, Hitrec, Imareka, at Gourmet, in the marshes in the neighborhood Liubech at the station Liubech on "New location Earth ", on the radio tower on PvP maps on the location of the" Tunguska ", the traders clan bases;
    • added buckshot 0000 for sale to dealers: on the "Tunguska" in the finals, in Dodger on PvP maps;
    • reduced the price of patrons for shotguns from the merchants clan bases;
    • increased amount of lead, which can be recieved from any species of wild boars;
    • increased damage from 9x18 and 9x19 patrons;
    • increased reward of some quests related to the killing of wild boars;
    • temporarily restored the reputation of the bandits for the daily quests and Pechkin Shtaket in Lyubech (until the next major update);
    • for players who quest "To hell and back" in Ensign Nicheporenko one-time job was added, which gives a certain advantage to the reputation of the Bandits and the same negative reputation to the Military;
    • Notes of Vetrichenko work again;
    Dear players due to the fact that many players have questions and complaints about the removal from the game Christmas meal, including candies, we decided to compensate it. All players will receive a premium account x3 term for 2 days of use (all except those who already have it).