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Patch from April 26. 2016

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  • Patch from April 26. 2016

    New bases

    • safe zone works for all players now, not just for the owners of the clans;
    • other players be able to purchase goods on the base now;
    • time of the capture of flags has been increased to 40 seconds;
    • added a posibility to add clan badges on flags and close to clan's players names.

    • corrections in the interface of groups;
    • the possibility of refuse for a premium account from the main menu of the game was added (for those who do not want it for some reason);
    • other minor interface changes was made;
    • sights grid for Sniper Scope 4-6-8x NATO and Assault Scope 2-4x NATO has been changed;
    • the name for Equipment Modification Set was changed for Modification Set for Equipment. And Equipment Special Modification Set for Equipment was changed to Special Modification Set for Equipment;


    • the weight of Jackal Armor and Jackal Pants was reduced;
    • chances of finding Special Modification Set for Equipment in monsters such as Fast Fiend was reduced;
    • injectors (devil, brusnikovka, brandy) and psychomotor stimulants now can be used by the button "use first aid kit" only the least, if the usual first-aid kits are left;
    • attack of "Molotov cocktail" no longer refers to a type of "explosion";
    • you can declare a war to other groups any time and you can cancel it any time too, but the group that declared war could cancel its own initiative only after an hour;
    • the icon of PvP was painted ;
    • some effects was optimized;
    • Intermittent error with mushrooms was corrected;
    • respawn point for some paid bases on location "Vesuvius" has been fixed;
    • small changes on the maps;


    • quest description error of "Crime and Punishment" has been corrected. The reason of Vova the Toad taciturnity is now explained in the course of the quest;
    • quest "Vintorez" has been completely removed from the game because required passage details disappeared from the loot;
    • some inaccuracies in the dialogues and descriptions at the beginning of the game have been corrected (Station Watchman, Blacksmith, Knacker);
    • In quests such as "Rest in peace", " Unsavory Reputation", "Time to collect rocks.", Dissonance: Signal Booster for Morse", "Purifying in Fire" all quest items (such as alcohol) were replaced with unique. It happened because it caused a large number of errors that appeared because of the use of items that existing in the game not only in the quests, but also in the normal embodiment. If any of these quests has been taken before this upgrade, but wasn’t finished - it should be canceled and re-passed;
    • the game now has three new unique characters - they are representatives of three groups: soldiers, mercenaries and bandits (if you have the warwith any of this fractions - it would be unwise to try to enter into contact with them). Their history is obscure, their goal is not clear. However, some of the information you can gather having your own investigation and questioning some NPC;
    • Vetrichenko temporarily doesn’t give new notes for the pilot, but the old ones works fine;
    • bugs with ability to re-take quests after the cancellation have been fixed;
    • dialogues and quests related to "Simonov's Recommendations" was removed - the recommendation, at the moment, is meaningless, since the exchange of the Sly character was closed;
    Fixed bugs for following quests:
    * “Time to collect rocks…”
    * “Unsavory Reputation”
    * “Purifying in Fire”
    * “Dissonance: Signal Booster for Morse”
    * “Rest in Piece”
    * “Handy-man”

    Other changes

    • possible bug where it was impossible to enter the game with another avatar has been fixed (was happening while entering selection window of avatars);
    • premature disappearance of avatar’s body has been fixed (after player exits the game it's character will stay in the game world for another 30 seconds);
    • increase or decrease of ranks of the groups has been fixed;
    • absense of localization in chat with increasing lowering of the rights has been corrected;
    • changes with the rights of the group’s titles has been fixed (now you can edit more than one at a time);
    • user interface was improved, now you can rename the title of the group with the right mouse button;
    • display of fatigue for another squad members has been corrected;
    • effects display for squad members has been fixed;
    • reticle scopes of aims of variable multiplicity NATO has been fixed;
    • premature appearance of the sign “other thing is in process" during the use of repair kits have been fixed;
    • calculation’s display of the cost of repairs for repairman with "fix everything" has been fixed;
    • saving the last save point when first-aid being picked up has been fixed;
    • damage’s display in the description of 12-caliber ammunition has been fixed, and now the damage is rounded to the first decimal point;
    • the appearance of empty messages on PvP maps have been fixed;
    • typo in the description of the premium accounts have been fixed;
    • the mechanics of declaration the war or peace has been fixed;
    • block bug for chat by changing the team in PvP has been fixed;
    • game crashes while creating a PvP maps have been corrected;
    • the ability to use a password in the closed servers has been fixed;
    • fall through the ground while exit from the store on PvP maps have been fixed;
    • the impossibility of switching tabs on gear’s window being in the group has been fixed;
    • game freezes with taking new quests with open quest’s journal has been fixed;
    • map shift in some places in the neighborhood Liubech been fixed;
    • flashlight’s freezes while changing the weapon has been fixed;
    • the loss of the last save point and tilting to the map of Liubech has been fixed;
    • lighting with a flashlight in a cave has been fixed;
    • the ability to create a group with the right mouse button on the other avatars was added;
    • the ability to trade with the householder on new bases (Sawmill) was added;
    • change ofthe shape of the mouse pointer when changing the size of the chat was was added;
    • switching input focus was improved;
    • scroll bar was added into quest journal;
    • sorting the list of tasks in the journal by taking time, alphabetically was added;
    • glow effect of weapon’s flashlight has been corrected, it is not shaking anymore;
    • minor changes in the animation of the game, to eliminate visual range (previously some animation led to the fact that the character starts to twitch his fingers, which led to the "outstretched hands");
    • car battery can now be disassembled;
    • electrolyte electrolyte now derived from car battery, you’ll need it to create acetone;
    • crafring and uncrafting of objects now takes some time, in fact, now the character can not move while doing this;
    • shooting of the guards into the stalkers in the hideout was fixed (now the guards will shoot at the stalker's hiding parts of the body in the hideout);
    • the order of the projectiles was changed (first aid kits going first);
    • bug with separation between pages on a bulletin board was fixed;
    • display filters with small sized window on a bulletin board was fixed;
    • possible interaction with the objects on the shortcut bar, while being on the bulletin board was fixed;
    • display of fire damage was fixed;
    • bug with a possible shooting freezes after opening the message boards was fixed;
    • the possible appearance of objects behind the fence on the Liubech neighborhoods map was fixed;
    • the inability to change the volume of ambient sounds without rebooting was fixed;
    • errors in the quest "A message for Shtaket", "Unpleasant conversation", "Rest in Peace" was fixed;
    • display of spore mushrooms was fixed;