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Old mechanic for bases capture will be changed.

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  • Old mechanic for bases capture will be changed.

    Dear players!

    Old mechanic for bases capture on the map "Neighborhoods Liubech" will soon be replaced by a better one. After these changes, we will launch the capture of an updated database in order to check them for errors.

    This new mechanics will affect the location of some bases and fastening points. For example, the base "Sanatorium" will be located in a better place she was before - in H4-3 square, replacing fastening point there. A fastening point from square O15 will be completely removed, as it will override the database "Chemical burial."

    With the introduction of these changes all fastening points will be free to capture for all clans. However, in the future, their position and quantity may vary since fastening points in the future can be remade for this new mechanics.

    Нажмите на изображение для увеличения. 

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