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Series of articles about NPC: Blacksmith.

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  • Series of articles about NPC: Blacksmith.

    Dear players!

    We begin a series of articles about NPC independent characters in the game that you have met or will meet someday in the Zone. In these articles, we will tell their stories and will reveal their characters: how did they appeared in the Zone? What are their relationships with each other and with stalkers? Of course, we will not disclose all the secrets.

    Let's start with the Blacksmith!

    Blacksmith one of the last survivors of the stalkers "first wave". "First wave" came to the Zone before the military established a "Perimeter" and took the abnormal area under tight control. Those stalkers didn’t have any weapons, they didn’t have the knowledge and experience, neither a good equipment. Most of them either died in the anomalies or were torn by mutants and infuriated animal. Some has left deep into the Zone and was missing.

    Blacksmith has a good strength and health that helped him to survive the times when Ljubech-1 was attacked by rabid animals and unknown creatures. Stalkers and refugees often had to fight with no weapons at all. But Blacksmith himself, as he said, used a big hammer, he quickly learned how to wield them. And he allegedly demolished heads to a considerable number of creatures. That allowed him to survive. Also that allowed to survive people around him like refugees and stalkers. After that Blacksmith gained fame and respect, and because of the hammer he got his nickname. At least, so says the legend that was told about him.

    When military came to the station Blacksmith appeared to be a useful ally, who was known for his respect from all local survivors. So he began to be a leader of stalkers, and thanks to Blacksmith, Liubech-1 station became a commune, consisting of stalkers and small bandidts. It attracted them as a place of constant circulation of people.

    At the end Blacksmith didn’t go deep into the Zone. It wasn’t his style, because he wanted to help people on the station. So far, Blacksmith teaches newcomers, making their way into the Zone easier. He is closely monitoring the new arrivals, often because they are not who they say they are. Zone attracts different people.

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