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Patch from June 16, 2016

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  • Patch from June 16, 2016

    Dear players.
    In the following update old mechanic for bases capture on the map "Liubech Neighborhoods" and “Tunguska” will be replaced by a better one. After these changes, we will launch the capture of an updated bases in order to check it for errors.

    This new mechanics will affect the location of some bases and fastening points. For example, the base "Sanatorium" will be located in a better place than it was before - in H4-3 square, replacing fastening point there. A fastening point from square O15 will be completely removed, as it will override the base "Chemical burial."

    With the introduction of these changes all fastening points will be free to capture for all clans. However, in the future, their position and quantity may vary since fastening points in the future can be remade for this new mechanics.

    Maps changes
    • now all fastening points can be captured by any group (earlier fastening points could been captured only by those who own the base or who have protection in donation base);
    • base "Sanatorium" was transferred to H4-3 square;
    • the appearance of the base "Chemical burial" was slightly changed;
    • the appearance of the base "Mental hospital" was slightly changed;
    • the appearance of the base "Tunguska" on E4 square was slightly changed,
    • a base was removed from B2-2 square on the "Tunguska" map;
    • with this update "Gourmet" will get a Stockman - Sergey the Smuggler. Military Stockman will only remain at the Station, and in the future will be renamed the Station Stockman. Old Military Stockman for some time will be in the village next to the "Gourmet" with Sergey the Smuggler, so you can take your items from him and send it to Sergey the Smuggler.
    • dialogues of Priest and Swampman associated with debt on "Mercs" was fixed. Dialogues of Shepelev, Vetrichenko, Kapustin, conductors of Caravan was fixed. Earlier, it was impossible to take some quests after the cancellation;
    • the logic of dialogues of Kolya Kisliy, Doctor Eizeinshtein, Bartender and Gourmet was changed;
    • dialogues of Fedor Salnikov, Woolf, Hood and Greek related to the new characters was fixed, also some reputation requirements for the collection of information was changed, the quests "Who is ...?" can be taken again after the cancellation;
    • Blacksmith and Ivy the Bartenderat on the station Liubech-1 now tell stories about relationship between fractions and their causes;
    • changes in rewards reputation for the initial one-time quests was reduced. In the later scene assignments reputation strongly varies;
    • Expert NPC can now help you to recover your reputation with factions at its very low value (from -15,000), but it will cost expensive, and can be done only once;
    • added a new quests line for NPC Litovski and Mr. Big;
    • NPC Litovski now has a new character, which gives you daily quests for the reputation of the mercenaries who has war with the faction "Mercenaries" ( "Mercs"). These kind of quests can be taken from Radik (to pass it you need a PK status, ie "red" name);
    • some hidden post-Christmas quests are available for all players now;
    • "Tools" finally removed from the quests because of it absenses in dropped loot;
    • some typos in the quests was fixed;
    • a bug where some items could become a quest items even after the completion of the relevant was fixed.


    • added a new channel to the message window, which displays changes in quests;
    • if your backpack is open than you can't change your weapons by the mouse wheel anymore;
    • now you can’t send parcels to yourself using the same Stockman;
    • a problem with the loss of connected objects for weapons during craft was fixed. Before that during the AK74 stabilization gulf muffler or optical sight could dissappered;
    Mechanics of items exchange between the players has been changed to exclude the possibility of cheating. Earlier, unscrupulous traders have changed terms of the transaction at the last minute before confirming or inattentive they were using other players inattention and quickly change one item to another. Thus, the victim agreed with one condition, and the exchange took place in another condition. Now "offer" means that the terms of the transaction have been verified and the participants agree to the exchange. If one of the players at the last moment will change something in the exchange, the participants of the exchange will need to re-verify the transaction and make corrections before clicking "offer" again. After each player has pressed the "offer", button "confirmation" of the transaction becomes available. If a player changing the terms of the transaction too often you should think about his integrity. Pay attention to the disparity of the deal.

    • status of weapons aiming persists after recharging;
    • interface windows now do not interact through each other, drop-down lists correctly shifts along with a window;
    • problems with layout and interface behavior of windows was fixed;
    • now, after the collapse of the window the time counter of the base capture is displayed correctly;
    • the position of the mark of NPC Technician on Liubech map was corrected; previously it was too high and some players coudn’t see it;
    • a bug with the kindling fire and blocked flashlight was fixed;
    • the description of container for big artifacts is now clearly displays its capabilities;
    • the sorting by time in the filter of quest’s journal is working properly now;
    • now you can change the group’s title without rebooting the character;

    Other changes
    • caches and their contents are no longer disappear during the search;
    • psychomotor stimulants can no longer be used under the water;
    • shaders on all models was redesigned, now the lighting and details of the models will be displayed more correctly;
    • berets now has textures with a better specification, and they can be colored in camouflage and thread with stripes (maroon and blue berets can’t be colored or threaded with stripes);
    • caves now has higher resolution textures;
    • minor changes was made for the models of AK and the OC machine guns;
    • the appearance of some models of buildings, rocks, etc. was changed;
    • a bug which had the character drawned into the rocks and into the walls was fixed;
    • a bug with dogs in the rocks on "New Earth" was fixed;
    • a bug where the avatar hangs in the sitting position after re-entering the game was fixed;
    • probability of bulletin board’s overflow was reduced;
    • now Fiends drops correct extraction (previously Fast Fiend dropped the hand of Slow Fiend instead of fast one);
    • earlier when a group was changing their flag this changes didn’t appear on the marks of traders, but now the flag is displayed immediately after the change;
    • now vice-in groups have the opportunity to change the flag;
    • a bug with randomly appearing caches was fixed, now they do not overlap each other;
    • previously discarded items could not be displayed for those who dropped them, now items are displayed as it should;
    • the shadow of the flag is now displayed correctly;
    • flashlight is no longer hangs in the air after using food;
    • a bug with the replacement of the gun store for "Vintorez" rifle was fixed. Previously, if one gun store was replaced by another the error occurred with the incorrect recalculation of patrons.
    • now the dogs runs up closer to the stalker, if they can not reach it;
    • a rare situation where mutants didn’t receive any damage has been fixed;
    • previously when players was trying to buy a security guard at the edge of the construction the button could stuck, now it works correctly;
    • previously when players was trying to open the bulletin board the avatar was keep shooting, now shooting is interrupted;
    • now while players will be using medicines, the movement of avatars will be prohibited;

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