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Patch from July 12. 2016

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  • Patch from July 12. 2016

    New in the game

    • the effect of rain was completely redesigned: it’s not raining under the roof anymore, and the sound of the rain fades. The sound of droplets on the surface differs depending on the type of the surface;
    • the system of sounds was remade;
    • added effect of suffocation: now avatars being under the water with the head will suffocate;
    • animation of binoculars was added.
    • a decor was added at bases around the flags;

    • Voronin with the spiders have been moved away from the base "Сhemical Сemetery";
    • added new quests for NPC Nikolay Mirniy*. These quests are completed first introductory part of global history, associated with three new characters (Mr. Big, Litovski, Nikolay Mirniy). For players that involved into investigation there is a task "Trial of a stalker". This is an informational task that can not be completed at the moment. It will build up the players gathered information on the case. Observant players may have already guessed the essence of the stories that connects three dissimilar NPC;
    • into the game in test mode was added a new type of game mechanics associated with quests. It called "Match". The bottom line is this: at the appointed hour, two NPCs, Trapper and Captain Shperling, will give away repetitive tasks. They will need a certain amount of some items. The three lucky players who will complete both tasks before the end of the contest will get an extra reward;
    • some of the characters in the game can now tell the stories of their life to those who they trust. Gradually, there will be more characters like that and some details of their stories will be reflected in the game world;
    • anyone who has been taken "Quest 9" should talk to a Hood again;
    Other changes:

    • you can’t use items plunged into the water with the head;
    • the chance of finding rare items was increased;.
    • durability things that previously had low values ​​(of around 6000) has been raised.
    • MGD weight was reduced;
    • MGD was improved, now it reports the success or failure capture an artifact by a bulb. Also added an additional state of preparation for the seizure of an artifact - a short time after clicking on a point on the display (the artifact) and before the start of the mini-games;
    • magnetic capture can now be opened even without batteries in a backpack, the number of batteries will be displayed in the upper right corner of the MGD. If the magnetic capture won’t get enough nutrients, it will go into a passive mode in which it will flash a red light next to the pointer of the available nutrients, and it will not continue scaning;
    • MGD is now characterized by a mini-game speed and the speed of processing steps;
    • anomalies now has different radius of the radiation exposure, it now became a little more, but it’s increases gradually when player approaching the anomaly;
    • shotgun compared with buckshot now show greater accuracy of results when using a cartridge with a bullet;
    • when you open a map, it is centering on the avatar’s label;
    • now when a player rest in a sitting position it is forbidden to throw stones;
    • protection against radiation and biological damage has been added to many jackets and body armor. Some of these options vests were lowered;
    • you can now move guards from place to place, pointing to their posts;
    • fixed inability of conversaton with the repairman at the gold purchased bases purchased, if the avatar has the status of a PK;
    • fixed a bug with freezing guns: now if you will pick it up with the Quick Access toolbar at the time of raising the flag, it will not be blocked;
    • fixed freezing effect of the armor worn after its removal, which occupied more than one cell in the gear box;
    • fixed sight sticking bug, before it appeared after the revival at the save point;
    • fixed overlap bug of adjacent cells in the interface chip, now storekeepers long names are truncated;
    • fixed an issue with the lack of effect in the water reservoir near the resort;
    • fixed a bug stuck of light of flashlight, now when player putting gun away behind his back light goes off;
    • fixed minor bugs with the running animation and animation of sprint with arms;
    • fixed an issue with the accuracy of shooting, when a character is able to crouch and changing the use of sight mode. Now when you use the standard mode of the sight of the Soviet weapon shooting works correctly (by key [X] shooting mode is set to use an optical or a standard sight);
    • fixed a possible bug with avatar in the doorway of the building on the basis of chemical and cemetry at the lighthouse on Airport;
    • fixed possible emergence of invisible walls when jumping in the building, such as the train station in the city Ljubech station;
    • fixed the accidental shooting at targets that are behind. Earlier, when player was shooting in the sky, shots accounted for mutants;
    • fixed possible to obtain immortality for avatars;
    • added the ability to drink from a water source with the mouse button (from dirty sources can still be poisoned);
    • in the window of creation of objects will be selected one of the recipes;
    • fixed interaction with the trade window with Quick Access Toolbar;
    • fixed library error "d3dx9_31.dll", which appeared in excess of a certain threshold of memory usage on 32-bit systems;
    • fixed delay in the emergence of ~ 10 seconds before you begin production of goods or an error on the skill deficiency appear;
    • fixed the ability to climb inside the rocks on the Tunguska-Caravan map;
    • fixed a possible loss of marks on the map;
    • fixed avatar’s movement at the wrong directions after leaving the PvP maps, now avatar appears there where it’s engages in;
    • fixed possible appearance of "The previous operation has not been completed" after treatment of another avatar;
    • fixed stuck bug of dropdown of storekeepers list after closing the window;
    • fix a crash bug thath appeared while creating a PvP game cards;

    *New quests will be translated to english as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.

  • #2
    good idea with anomailes but as on tungusca they are so close to each other it is almost imposible to pass to the airfield. Detox and antirad doesnt help (900+ after trying to pass the field).


    • #3
      "anomalies now has different radius of the radiation exposure, it now became a little more, but it’s increases gradually when player approaching the anomaly;"

      Sorry but this is just awful, now microwave and poison cloud anomalies must be avoided by a distance of 10m at least if you dont want to hit 200+ radiation in a few seconds. We either need more doctors that can treat radiation for a fee or antirads need to be set to "This item cannot be dropped".

      Also, funny the patch notes didnt mention it but a SEQUOIA BACKPACK costs 800,000 rubel now.... wtf? That an increase by roughly 750%.
      First, the AK 102 got taken away from the quest rewards and now even a sequoia backpack is out of reach for a new player. I really wonder who makes such decisions...!


      • #4
        Yea, YurrDurr is right the prices are very high for a new player. Hunting artifacts, the last cool thing in this game became ruined because of horrible amounts of radiation recieved now. You need to fix it ASAP.


        • #5
          We did patchfix today.

          - the level of radiation of Microwave and Poison cloud anomalies was fixed;
          - the sound of footsteps of the character was fixed;
          - the price for Sequoia backpack was fixed;
          - the stuck bug in doorways on Airport map was fixed;
          - the inability to put items on the storekeeper at donat bases and Tunguska bases was fixed;
          - now the radiation does not affect the body of avatar in the recumbency.


          • #6
            Glad the administration listened to the players this time!

            Сообщение от zumbra
            йоу, амигос. ай ноу шпрехен пар ле инглишь. сердечно, вива!! комрадес маде ин забугорнес!! рашен дядя зу ловес вотре пипел ин унзер гейм.:d


            • #7
              zumbra, do you even freedom brah?


              • #8
                What is the content of today's update?


                • #9
                  Сообщение от kfiat Посмотреть сообщение
                  What is the content of today's update?
                  a small changes.